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David Kelly Cline


Robins AFB, GA, US

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Story of the Storm


David Kelly Cline

Today I will tell you the Story of the Storm that took place long ago during my youth.
I was with her, our hands locked and warm; bonded by the truth.
We were far away from home when this great stormed arrived.
The first warning was the thunder, next was the lightening that seemed to dive
To the ground with a splash of terror, as she began to cry.
The rain started as a drizzle, then the hail fell from the sky.
I tried to comfort her. I promised I would protect her with my life.
She trusted me, and with all her heart she asked me to make her my wife.
The harsh rain continued, as I lost the words to reply.
We took cover under an oak tree, I shielded her body, and looked deep into her eyes.
I loved her more than anything or anyone in the world; as the storm raged on.
I'm wet, yet smiling at the beauty in my arms. I'll never let go, not even when this planet is gone.
I see her lips moving, but with the roaring thunder I cannot hear.
I just seem to know what she is thinking whenever we are near.
She wants me to answer; the question was for real.
She says that's the way she truly feels.
Then lightening suddenly strikes, just a few feet away.
Our hearts both stop, but we knew we were okay.
I hugged her tighter than I ever had before.
I knew then that it was her that I faithfully adored.
The trail we once followed is now flooded into a creek.
We were stranded with civilization out of reach.
She needed me to survive; in so many ways.
If only I could have known that would be the last day,
That I ever got to touch her wavy hair,
To kiss her lips, and to just simply stare,
Into those eyes that I can never forget,
No matter how blind or how old I get.
Seconds later, lightening struck twice,
And a nearby tree was sliced.
It fell without warning, quick and forceful, just like the storm.
It slammed into her back, and her skin was torn.
I screamed as loud as I could, and tried to remove the tree.
I quickly grabbed her hand, and said stay with me.
But she is dead, and now I'm alone.
I'd give anything for her to come back home.
Maybe then I could heal her pains
Caused by those lonesome, stormy rains.
But the lightening strikes, and the thunder rolled,
The rain continued, and now my story is told.