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Fyril Cletcher


Warrington, England, UK

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First Poem


Fyril Cletcher

All my words must rhyme and flow
Quite freely off the tongue,
They'll make you laugh or think a while
Or I'm doing something wrong.

I'm new to this so bear with me
While thoughts flow from my pen,
I'll make mistakes and scrubbings out
And write it all again.

The aim I think is just to write
An ode to make you grin,
Nothing heavy bad or dull,
Just written on a whim.

I'll try to add a gag or two
To lighten up my verses,
The trouble is these lines are short
Now I'll be writing curses.

Just picture me with writers block
Ten minutes after starting,
Don't worry though there is no fear
Of me and my pen parting.

I'll write a verse or two about
My life and what I've been through,
You'll get to know me well no doubt
And learn what I am into.

I'll finish here, this is my first
Of many I am certain,
Hopefully a book or two
'Fore I bring down the curtain.



Fyril Cletcher

Imagine the feeling, imagine the bliss,
I got my lines published on something like this,
It's only a starter, from here I advance,
It was such a good feeling I wanted to dance.

Ideas come in at strange times in the night,
Sometimes its so quick that it gives me a fright,
But the instant an idea has come then I scrawl,
Because if I don't there is nothing at all.

Will I get feedback, will somebody say,
That's a good poem that you wrote today,
I'll make observations on life as I go,
I'll put it in poems so people will know.

The Piano Practice


Fyril Cletcher

I'm learning to play the piano,
The lessons are coming on well,
But the practice is driving me crackers,
The wrong notes are giving me hell.

I completed my first book quite quickly,
My teacher was duly impressed,
But my book two is getting quite hard now,
And I'm understandably stressed.

The simple tunes flow from my fingers,
But a tiny child could manage these,
It's the hard ones when I pull my hair out,
And I long for some skill if you please.

As I said, it has only been five months,
And my lessons do not contain Greig,
So I spose a piano concerto,
Is suitably out of my league.

But the skill's given me inspiration,
For another daft poem or two,
And it gives me a break from my practice,
At least for an hour or two.

In the end I hope to be quite able,
To tackle the trickiest piece,
So the practice will have to continue,
While the neighbours just hope it will cease.

I'll end on a positive high note,
Or maybe an 'A' or 'B sharp',
If the practice don't get any better,
I could end up playing the harp.

WWW. Wonders of Writing on the Web


Fyril Cletcher

The Wonders of Writing on the World Wide Web
Are many, no more than a few,
We write down our lines for all others to read,
My mum and my aunt but to name two.

I like to write poems related to thoughts
that I've had in the day about things,
Like what do I have to buy for tea tonight
and what is it that nice singer sings?

I like to read poems, I've read Edward Lear,
His nonsense just makes me laugh loud,
Recited to many they'd all laugh as one,
Just the thing when you have a mad crowd.

Elliott with his cats are some of the best
I could read those til there was no gravity
From the line in that verse you know what's coming next
and that's that my favourite's McCavity.

I'm sorry to all but I'm not at my best
My poems just seem to go downhill,
As soon as they're better I'll write more for you,
And you'll love it, but no more then until.



Fyril Cletcher

Is this a gift that I have, to write rhymes?
It isn't a difficult task,
I seem to be able to write one at will,
"Just give me a topic" I ask.

Has it been dormant for all of my life,
Just waiting while I am aware,
Of what I am able to do with these words,
Of writing them down with such care.

As soon as I get to the end of a line,
The rhyming word springs to my head,
As long as the third line does not go awry,
Or I don't fall down and drop dead!

My prose seem to be of a similar style,
The style that is easy for me,
My poems seem similar but titles are changed,
Is that just the way it will be?

I like too the fact that the verses go on,
Until the whole story is told,
Maybe one day there'll be so many lines,
I'll be writing until I am old.

I'm new to this stuff as I said once before,
But everyone says I have talent,
It's finding the word that rhymes with the above,
And fitting in strange words like gallant!!

It's not quite the nonsense style nor the blank verse,
I think it's a style of my own,
So if it's not something you like in a rhyme,
Just comment but please do not moan.

A book about writing these poems seems fun,
Perhaps I will write it one day,
Until then I'll scribble these daft little odes,
And see what my critics might say.



Fyril Cletcher

This e-mail stuff is really good,
Cuts out the need for stamps,
We suffer now from RSI,
Instead of Writer's cramps.

No more need for pads and pens,
Your spelling's quickly checked,
The words are clearly readable,
Not like a spider, wrecked.

There's fancy things to add and make,
Your letters look well done,
Like stationery in the form
Of coulds or sea or sun.

No more waiting for two days,
For letters on the mat,
A little symbol tells you that
Your mail's here fancy that!