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Evelyn Y. Clemmons


Atlanta, GA, US

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Seasons of the Mind


Evelyn Y. Clemmons

A Summer Mentality Reclines On A Beach
Eagerly Testing Waters Beyond Finger and Toe-tip Reach

Fall Winds Gust Through A Grey-Matter Synopsis
Swiftly Harvesting A Crop Of Ideas From Fruitful Years
Of Planting and Tending. A Wholesome Abundance,That
Presently Fills A Bulging Cornucopia Of Youth

Winter Arrives, Thoughts Shut Down,
Vibrantly Colored Leaves Are Shed, Quickly Covering Frosty Attitudes, Where Age Divides The New Generations; Bound For Eternal Renown.

A Spring Rain-Fall Is Welcome; And is Fragrant In Chambers
Of The Mind. Kinetic Shock Waves Form Keen Originalities That Give Birth To Painless Civilities...Like Nature's Seasons, There Is A Rekindling of Balance,Health And Maturity.