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Deirdre N. Claybrooks


Westland, MI, US

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Wrapped In My Skin


Deirdre N. Claybrooks

Wrapped in my skin are melodies of sweet sounds dancing around majestic colors that paint portraits of a harmonizing symphony.

Wrapped in my skin are twinkles of rubies, sapphires, and diamonds that lye deep in the treasure box that no one hand can hold.

Wrapped in my skin do drops of rain which are flavored to tantalize even the dullest taste buds, leaving them wanting more.

Wrapped in my skin one can find the calm in being held without regrets or conditions.

Wrapped in my skin one hear a captivating roar of the ocean as the tide comes in.

Wrapped in my skin one can escape away to a place where many people canít find. A place of solitude thatís magnificently divine; a place where finger tips caresses the mind and where the rays from the sun wipe away the stress of time.

Wrapped in my skin you can bath in pools of warmth ness the flow from rivers deep within. To be wrapped in my skin!!!!!