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Lindsay Clark


San Antonio, TX, US

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Lindsay Clark

As she danced through the sky she was jerked from below
Falling from high, her face taut from the wind’s blow.
She wished she could be free from her life-bonding chains
She thought, as she stumbled on winter’s last remains.
She was guided like a puppet with her marionette strings,
And she wanted to talk like the Chickadee sings.
No one could help her, she was a prisoner; a slave,
Starving herself within her own cave.
She would work until her death, until she was free,
To walk alone, and truly see.
When she could bear it no longer,
And her internal pain was too much,
She danced with the dawn,
And then she was gone.

Droplets of Life


Lindsay Clark

A sound is heard
Upon the ground
Something spilt
Is yet profound

Rain falls here
With great strife
But its efforts prove great
Each droplet gives life

The ground is dry
Cracked and bare
When the rains of life come
Its plants are like hair

Life without rain
Would be but nothing
Rain without life
Would be but nothing

Nothing at all.

My Heart Will Not Break


Lindsay Clark

My fingers tremble
My back has an ache
I feel that all of me is sore
But my heart will not break.

Just another guy
He was, and he left for his own sake
He thought that I’d cry for him, you know
But my heart will not break.

They used to be my friends
Back then, then they put my social status at stake
They thought that it’d embarrass me—
But my heart will not break.

My family is as happy as any could be
And often to other places we would make
Everyone thought that I’d always be sad
But my heart will not break.

Many people grew suspicious of me
And knew that my happiness was fake
But one thing they will never know
Is why this heart will never break.

If someone were to approach me now
They’d see a puddle of tears around me like a lake
They’d probably ask "what’s wrong?" and I’d respond
"My heart will not break".

Petrified Wood


Lindsay Clark

Taken aback
With uncanny fright
My insides are squirming—
The opposite of delight.

Standing still
Against the wind
My heart beats faster
My mind gives in

Waiting for nothing
Like petrified wood
I’d be moving onward
If I only could.

When Life Forgets


Lindsay Clark

I am not immortal.
I can die if I want to, but not now.
Maybe someday.

A simple word, but with a complicated meaning.
When faded away, they will never return,
But to build them up is easy to learn
You just remember.

Hold on to my hand,
And you’ll remember
Die if you can,
And you’ll forget.

I remember the day that I lost you.
The sun did not shine and the birds did not sing.
We sat in the shadows waiting for the day to pass
You fell behind.
I guess time took your hand and did not let go.

I sit here now.
I can’t remember.
I guess you can’t, too.