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Maria Goretti Clague


Manchester, England, UK

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A Mothers Love


Maria Goretti Clague

A Mothers love wonít let you down
When things are going wrong
A Mothers love will help to keep
Your chin up and be strong

When life becomes unbearable
Through things that have gone wrong
A motherís love will comfort you
And help you get along.

Along with all the daily tasks
That life has brought to you
A motherís love will guide you
And really help you through

But when your Mother passes on
To pastures that are green
Youíll wonder how you will cope
With all thatís unforeseen.

But donít despair in your grief
Because sheís not with you
The love that she put in you heart
Will always see you through

Because the day she bore you
A part of her transferred
Into your tiny body the day
She gave you birth.

So always do remember
When youíre feeling low
A part of herís within you
Continuing to grow.

And if your Mother was like mine
Iím sure that youíll be fine
Because although I miss her so
Iím proud that she was mine

Broken Heart


Maria Goretti Clague

How do you mend a broken heart, I wish I knew the way,
I wish that I could express, the way I feel today.

Yesterday my heart was full, filled with love for you,
Now this heart of mine has broken into two.

A love that I truly thought would never ever end
Has now just left and Ďgone awayí___
just like a long lost friend.

My heart it used to beat so fast whenever you were near
Filled with love just for you each day and every year.

But now that you have left me, your love for me has died
I have to try so hard to conceal_..
the feelings deep inside.

Another love Iíll never find,
of that I can be sure
Because my love you were the one,
the one that I adored.

Don't Think Aloud


Maria Goretti Clague

Donít think aloud when a buttonís missing from his shirt
It could just be that fell off on his way to work.
Or could it be as you suspect the passion that you lack
That took away the button_. when he was in "the sack"

In "the sack" you do suspect with a pretty girl
So bored with humdrum lifestyle _he thought, " give it a whirl"
A "whirl" with "someone" that he thought would never come to much
But after he had slept with her __his feelings had been touched.

So deep his feelings were he thought_.. to sleep with you again
He thought heíd found the "passion" he needed there and then
But the passion that he thought heíd find with another girl
Just turned out as it often does_to be another "whirl"

So when you wash the shirts of the man that you adore
If there is a button missing_that was on his shirt before.
Your man could well have lost it in his working day
Donít think aloud because __
Your thoughts could be wrong on that day!

Princess Polly


Maria Goretti Clague

"Princess Polly" still remains my darling little girl
Even though she is a woman now to me sheís just a girl.

A little girl she will remain as long as I do live
She was always such a sweet child with so much love to give.

Donít get me wrong sheís wasnít such the Ďangelí she is now
When she was mad sheíd stamp her feet .like a little angry cow!.

She used to have her tantrums so much when she was so small
But as she grew she became a girl that all adored.

Because my little "Princess" she grew up and became
A loving caring daughter of that I must proclaim.

Iím proud to have a daughter as wonderful as she
Because my little "Princess " she means the world to me!

Roberty Boberty


Maria Goretti Clague

"Roberty Boberty" was the pet name
I called my eldest son
He was nearly always a good boy_
. A good boy for his mum

He wasnít really cheeky
And went to bed when told.
Well_until he was a teenager
And then sometimes would Ďmoaní

Heíd Ďmoaní because he wanted
To stay up late and play
On his new "Atari"_
"Why did we buy him that"_. I Ďd say!

But now he has become a man _
A man that Iím proud of
Heís worked so hard to prove himself
And now has a good job.

I may not tell him all the time
How proud I have become
But one thing I am proud of
Iím proud that heís my son!



Maria Goretti Clague

D id I ever tell you__.. how you made me feel
I canít explain that day, but I knew that it was real
V erifying just what you planned. there in black and white
O nly you can tell me what it was that was not right
R embering all the times I loved you oh so much
C ould not comprehend, why your love had turned to dust
E ven now, I donít know why, why you went away, maybe you
my true love, you could let me know one day!

Polly's Birthday Puppy


Maria Goretti Clague

I am your little Birthday Pup
I hope that you donít treat me rough,
I wag my tail and bark a little
But one thing I donít do is piddle!

I wag my tail and I am good
So take good care of me_you should.

Just two little batteries is all I need
To keep me active without feed.

So when you feel you need a pet
Just switch me on and you will get
A happy little smiling pet, that does not ever,
ever wet, or chew your furniture like some do
Iíll just be to love to you.

Those Boots


Maria Goretti Clague

I loved my mother she was the best
As a little girl, I was such a "pest"
I would stamp, scream, and sometimes shout
To get my own way when we were out
Just to get all my own way I would make a fuss
Sometimes whilst riding on the bus!

But as I grew much older and began to understand
I would look at her as I held her hand

"Its ok Mum Iím sorry, I really am
I know you always do your best, when you can"
"I do not need those boots you canít afford"
I told her as we stood outside the store.

Bus ticket in her hand with me by her side
It was the first time that I had come to realise
That my poor Mam, if she could, sheíd have given the world to me
However, with no money and a dad always sick.
That was the way things had to be.

I was only seven at the time, vividly my mind recalls
How we stood and looked at those boots in the store

In later life, I would feel so sad
Remembering the wonderful Mum that I had
She would have given me the world and more
Had she had the means, but our family was poor!

The Street Where We Lived


Maria Goretti Clague

We lived in a very poor part of town
Collyhurst was very run down.
The cobbled streets all in a row, terraced houses
So clean even though

Conditions in them were so bad, drafty rooms
And the old tin bath!

Coats on the bed_when it was cold
To keep us warm thatís what we were told!

The coats kept us warm to a degree
But thank God my sisters were in bed with me!

But then in the very still of the night
Those wretched bugs would come out and bite.

The bugs they always hid in the walls
And came out at night to give us a "call"

My little brother must have been sweet
Because it was he, they always would "eat"

But in the morning theyíd be gone away
When daylight came_it was another day.

Another day in that old slum
However, each day was a wonderful one.

Because our Mam and Dad they cared
They loved us so and always shared
Whatever they had_and that was little
A pot under the bed _.for a piddle!

My Mothers Chair


Maria Goretti Clague

I remember when my Mother bought that chair
The chair that I now own
She fought and fought to face the fact
It was needed in her home.
But the day she came to realise she needed something more
Than the comfy low backed armchair she used to use before.
My Mother could be stubborn_and sometimes sheís make me mad
When she used to say she was ok_with the armchair that she had
But as her disability started to progress, she had to face the fact
That she needed now to rest
To rest in that nice high chair that now stands in my bedroom
That highchair really helped her "get up and sometimes move".
She could get up from her new chair much easier than before.
Because that lovely winged back chair was much higher off the floor!
For a while it helped improve for her, her comforts in the home
She had more independence within her lovely home
Sheíd sit within that chair nearly every single day
And take her medication_. a little moan along the way!
A Ď moaní I say, well maybe thatís the wrong word to describe
The way my Mother felt _almost as though she had been tied!
But when that day did come to pass_
The day my Mother died
I sat and watched her fade away with tears within my eyes
My Mother she was so good_. right to her dying day.
God keep her safe for me until it is my judgement day
And now as I lay in my bed some nights when all alone
I look at Mothers chair and imagine her at home.
No not I say in a morbid way I look upon that chair.
I look and just imagine
My darling Mother sitting there!

So Far Apart


Maria Goretti Clague

Oh please, please, please will you now just let me be
How I wanted to help you, but that no longer can be

Why do you choose to destroy your life the way you do?

You break my heart each and every day
I try to help you but the drugs are in the way

I love you so even though you break my heart
What Can I do, we are "so far apart."

So far apart because you choose to blank out reality
What can I do?
I try so hard t help you
Oh, what can I do, but hope and pray you will "come back"
Some day

You will come back someday and be the love I once knew_
You were a beautiful man untroubled that was you

Untroubled and beautiful before the change
The change that made you as you are today.

How I long to be with the man I once knew
The man I so loved before he was "taken away"

He was taken away_ .By the demon drugs_
He was taken away, the beautiful man I loved

I love you so. Even though you break my heart
What can I do .we are so far apart.

Don't Worry That You Have Kids


Maria Goretti Clague

Donít worry that you have kids
when you think youíve found new love
Because if you do you must be apprehensive about the man,
you think you love.

A real man is aware of the task heís taken on
if he falls in love with a woman
Who has kids it is sometimes tough!

But if he truly loves you he will understand your plight_.
Trying to be a good Mom_.
without a Dad in sight.

So listen single Moms _
Iím sure one day youíll find "your" man
But if he cannot "share" you _
send him "packing"
you know you can!

Fathers Day Thoughts


Maria Goretti Clague

I didnít really know you well Dad
I was seventeen when you died
I remember you were always sick
When I was a child.

But one thing I remember Dad
Was your really funny wayís
Youíd always try to make me laugh
Through the greyest of the days.

I know that had you lived
A life much longer than you did
You would have been a great support
In every thing I did.

Unfortunately this was not to be
But non of us can choose
The day that we are called to go
To pastures that are new.

God Keep you Safe Dad

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart


Maria Goretti Clague

How do you mend a broken heart _that you think will never heal
A broken heart in pieces_ and tears you cannot conceal.
Well to start with you have to grieve for the love that you once had
Do remember all the good times and try to forget the bad!

Because when a heartís been broken with wounds so very deep
You have to face the pain, which causes you to weep.
But donít despair in your grief _you have to see it through
Until you find composure and with luck a love thatís true!

A brand new love you may find_. but thatís not guaranteed
However, donít dwell upon your past Ďcause your life goes by with speed
Your life is just a "blink" in time the years roll by so fast
But when you finally find true love
I hope that it does last!

Mothers Day Again


Maria Goretti Clague

Itís Mothers Day again Mam _.
No kiss upon your cheek.
Just these flowers that I leave today_.
By your graveside whilst you sleep.

How I so wish that I could say _.
Happy Mothers Day to you__.
And later in the evening have a brandy___.
One or two!!!

Throughout our lives you have always been
A very caring Mam___
Always there to lend a hand_
andyou were a very much loved Gran.

We all miss you so ....
You know thatís true
We all miss you every day___.
Even though we cannot tell you now
We are so sad ___
Since you went away.

We Were All Once Small and Pure


Maria Goretti Clague

When youíre blest with a baby sent from heaven above
And you look at your treasure. A treasure you so love.

Remember that your baby will one day grow to be
An influence in society_and could change our destiny.

All children of this world were all once small and pure
And its mainly education that makes them what they are.

So as a parent it is you duty to guide them on their way
A parent plants the seed in their child by what they say.

So parents of the world, let us all unite and try
To educate our children and teach
Whatís wrong and right!

I know that may not change the world
There will always be some "bad blood"_.
But if theyíre taught good values from the start
The chance is theyíll be good!!!



Maria Goretti Clague

"Extreme fear they may cause......
and death to the innocent people of ours
But resilient the citizens of our Country are.
Long term we'll defeat them
Wherever they are"

Poor \Old Max


Maria Goretti Clague

Poor old Max ___.his time had come
To wag his tail just for his Mum.

He was your loyal and faithful friend
And wagged his tail Ďtil the very end

He kept you company. _When he could
Just as a faithful true friend should.

He loved you so, as he loved his Mum
But he had to leave you when his day had come

His day had come when his life was through
And unfortunately, he has now left you

Now heís gone away to pasture new
To wag his tail and still be true

He will still be loyal and faithful too
But he will be with Wendy_
Not with you.

But please donít be sad because heís gone
You will join him one day_with his Mum

When it is you "call" and your life is through
He will wag his tail again for you !

What More Could I wish You


Maria Goretti Clague

Dedicated to Danny and Deb






Poor Old Max


Maria Goretti Clague

Poor old Max ___.his time had come
To wag his tail just for his Mum.

He was your loyal and faithful friend
And wagged his tail Ďtil the very end

He kept you company When he could
Just as a faithful true friend should.

He loved you so, as he loved his Mum
But he had to leave you... when his day had come

His day had come when his life was through
But unfortunately, he has now left you

Now heís gone away to pastures new
To wag his tail and still be true

He will still be loyal and faithful too
But he will be with Wendy_
Not with you.

But please donít be sad because heís gone
You will join him one day_with his Mum

When it is your "call".. and your life is through
He will wag his tail again for you !

Happiness, Sadness, Joy or Sorrow


Maria Goretti Clague

Happiness, Sadness Joy or Sorrow
Which of these will come tomorrow?

Well, we can all but hope that happiness will come
With the morning sunrise as a new day has begun

But we cannot predict what a new day brings
It could bring to us any one of those things!

Life is a challenge, which contains all those things
That happiness, sadness, joy or sorrow brings

So when you wake up each morning and hear the early birds sing
It is happiness or joy I hope your new day does bring

However, if it is sadness or sorrow that you have to face on a new day
I truly hope that very soon ___
Joy and happiness will come your way!



Maria Goretti Clague

Contentment is a state of mind
Which leaves the worries of the world far behind.

To be content with what you have got is to have peace of mind and worry not.

Worry not about more material things_be happy with your "lot" and all the simplest of things.

To be content you must first decide_ if what you have in life, gives you a great sense of pride_
You may live alone in your little abode, with not a sole to talk to and no hand to hold___

Or, you may have a lover that makes your heart sing, or be wearing a beautiful wedding ring.
You may be blest with children or have a loving dog, that give you great joy when you both go for a walk.

You may live in a palace with a beautiful view, with butlers and maids to tend to you.
But that wont guarantee that you will be content, money cannot buy it because it is heaven sent.

So, whether you are rich or poor_____ be content with your "lot"
Because contentment is a state of mind_.
That makes you worry not!

The Old Tin Bath


Maria Goretti Clague

It hung in a yard on an old rusty nail
But, once a week it was brought in the house
THAT_.. was without fail !

Saturday night was the night for our weekly bath
We didnít have the luxury some richer kidís had!

Our Mam made sure
that we were all kept nice and clean

In the week, weíd have a "top and tail"
I will tell you. _that was such a scene

But how we looked forward to every Saturday night
Sat in that old tin bath the fire light

In the old tin bath in front of the coal fire
Weíd laugh and giggle and sometimes play.
Then get dried by Mam besides the fire
Before a treat would come our way.

Lovely and clean __.all ready for bed
" Sunday Mass" in the morning_
My Mam always said.

Such happy memories from my childhood days
We had a loving Mam___
Who had wonderful ways!

Flowers Mean So Much


Maria Goretti Clague

Flowers mean so much to me_much more than words can say
They make me feel elated_even on a miserable day

How can that be you may ask_well I will tell you_. as best I can
They fill a gap in life_ that only true beauty can.

You see_a flower is unspoilt_so pure and so beautiful
A flower can "say" a thousand words and make me feel so well.

To look at flowers in full bloom always makes me feel so good
I tend them daily and spray them a caring owner should.

If only daily life could give to me ___could give me so much joy
As the beauty contained in a bouquet of flowers___
My life would be more than good!

My Little Princes Polly


Maria Goretti Clague

dedicated to my daughter

My Little Princess Polly_. it is your birthday today
I canít believe how the years have flown by
You are thirty years old.
Now what can I say?

Well I can start by saying that I love you so
You are a perfect daughter
Who makes the pride in me glow

Life hasnít always been easy for you along the way
With your Mums broken dreams_
Now what can I say?

Well I can say that you have proved to me
You have beyond a doubt
That you are a "shining star"
That makes me want to SHOUT

SHOUT from the highest hills on this earth
I am so thankful darling daughter
That it was me who gave you birth

Sixty Going on Forty Norma


Maria Goretti Clague

dedicated to my dear friend Norma

Sixty going on forty Norma_that is what you are
No "anoraks" or "tea dances "for you_.
Even when you are eighty-two!

You are a youthful and vivacious woman
Independent and self made
So attractive and so stylish____.
Well ___nearly always!

What can I say?

Well, what I can say is simple
And it comes straight from my heart
I wish you every special wish on your birthday ___
Even though you are now an old fart! _.

Ha_ Ha_

Are You Really 70 Terry ?


Maria Goretti Clague

Dedicated to my brother-in law

Are you really 70 Terry? __.
I canít believe itís so
You still have a full head of hair
And still look so handsome.
Donít you know?

Some guys they age before their time_
"The Anorak Brigade"
"No chance" of that happening to you___
"So trendy" thatís how youíve stayed!

Well how could you not stay trendy
With a loving youthful wife? _____
Iíll tell you had you "lost the plot"_
She wouldnít still be you wife!

Well you NEVER lost the plot Terry
And you have always been a caring man___
Who has looked after all his family
As only a true, loyal husband can.

I am so proud to wish for you today
A truly memorable 70th birthday____
You have been a "tower of strength"_
Wise, sincere and fair
And so very lucky. _Donít you know?
That you still have a full head of hair!

Forty two Years Married


Maria Goretti Clague

Dedicated to my sister and her husband

Forty-two years married, where did the precious time go?
Time flies by so quickly___.. I need not tell you so___..

What have you both achieved in all those precious years?
So many things to remember_
Sometimes happiness_ sometimes tears.

But along the way you both coped so well with what life has "thrown" your way
You have two lovely daughters and a son now mature_
Who are all healthy and well today

Happiness and tears are expected throughout life___.
Only strength, commitment and love___
Will keep the sacrament of marriage sacrosanct for life

Too many couples give up the challenge; give it up along the way_
They havenít the strength that is needed
To cope with their marriage and "stay"

But you two have proved, you have proved beyond a doubt
That strength, commitment and love are needed in life
To remain a loving Husband and a caring Wife!

How Many times has it been said to you?


Maria Goretti Clague

Dedicated to my ex-husband's mother

How many times has it been said to you? ___.
That you are a "Mum in a million"_
Much loved and cherished to

You were married so young___
Elaine first born, then Stephen and Howard too
Then last but not least another little girl_
Baby Heather was "sent" to you

I want to say to you on your 81st birthday
That your children are all so lucky
To have you to cherish today

You worked so hard in those early days_
Working daily on a sewing machine for very little pay _

You had to work so hard just to make ends meet.
But you did it every day___
So your family could have some "treats"

Your husband sold green groceries_
To help to raise your family_.
You both worked as a "team"___
That is how truelove should be

I am sure that you know_
Your children are so proud that youíre their Mum_
You are a much-loved grandma and great-grandma too
That is what in later life, you have now become

So on this day that is your birthday
Youíll have a brilliant time Iím sure
With the knowledge that youíre loved so much
And wished good health, happiness and more!

How Proud I was Son


Maria Goretti Clague

My thoughts on my eldest son's wedding day.........

How proud I was on your wedding day

Sat in the pew deep in thought as I prayed.

I prayed that you and Emma would always be

United in love for eternity.

Life is so short Son_..

. Make sure your cherish the love

Of a beautiful girl who has so much love.

So much, love in her heart to give to you

So much love that I know you will cherish life through.

Though Life can be hard and challenging at times

With mutual commitment and respect_. you both will shine

Shine like the brightest star up above

Shine and stay united in your love.

Innocent Victims of War


Maria Goretti Clague

My thoughts on the Middle East War........

This present conflict
will eventually come to an end
But the price that will be paid
will have no end

Innocent children
And babes with no knowledge of war
Are dying each day
"for whatever the cause"

I hope that this conflict
can soon be resolvedand and save the lives
of the children
Innocent victims of War !

Welcome Baby Harley


Maria Goretti Clague

Dedicated to Danny and Debs......proud parents of new baby Harley

Well the "stork" finally arrived I was so pleased to hear
That your little daughter Harley is finally here!

How joyous you must feel, proud parents through and through
To have your little cherub to bring more joy and love to you.

To have a baby of your own is such a wonderful thing
And as I said to you once before _.
Autumn will make both your hearts sing.

Sometimes it may be hard to cope as all new parents find
But with two loving parents as you are
Harleyís life should be divine !

Happy 80th Birthday Clare


Maria Goretti Clague

This poem is for Clare........"a true friend to my mother
in sickness and in health"

I just want to wish you a wonderful time
And to hope on your birthday you have a wonderful time.

I am so pleased to wish you a happy birthday
And thank you for your kindness along the way.

I remember as a child in the "Collyhurst days"
How happy you and Eddie were when Hillary came to "stay"

You were both "over the moon" with your little treasure
And now you have grandchildren_. a joy to treasure.

Over the years I remember so many times
The help you gave my Mam_
Your friendship was so kind.

So I just want to say to you on your 80th birthday
Good Health, joy and happiness are wished for you today.