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Debi Cimo


Chandler, AZ, US

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Aromas of Speech at Twilight


Debi Cimo

Further from the words we sing to ourselves,-
our passives selves,- the seasons speak
of mountain sadness, of bearable worlds
that throw the sky into balanced explanations
toward the digs of twilight.

Touchstones of memorable clay
or mellowed speech becomes a friend
to our vanishing mouths absorbed
in tangible dialogue.

It is the crack of the serene evening
that breaks our soliloquies,
the split knowledge of internal similarities
that makes us mute in our calibrated puzzles.

Our tattered bones begin the possession,
the bronze position of wordless wisdom
and the companion of blue motion makes us visible
only to the discerning eye.

Come, look with us at the earth as it is
shedding its fabled skin.
Come, watch the top-soil growing rich
in its autumn pelt as it carries
out the mysteries of renaissance.
As it carries out the histories of birth.