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John Christensen


Coupeville, WA, US

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First Sight


John Christensen

Darkness shouting, meaningless void
a blanket cold, a broken toy
Black as coffee, bitter and bold
Darkness shouting, darkness knows
Darkness shouting, darkness goes



John Christensen

Riders of the night are coming
covers pulled to head
searching for a body
un-secure in bed.

Mother's kiss makes invisible
only for an hour
trumpets sound and demons sing
"alas, the witching hour"

Sleep you must
till morning's light
but first the fear
and ghostly fright.


Spin Doctors


John Christensen

Crackle and Crunch
Train load to the mouth,
food for thought,
not for thinking.
Coaxial highchair
Blended sound bites
pork belly projects
ancient trees
Patted and Burped, laid to rest,
Election over,
Sorry West.



John Christensen

time is like music
one song at a time
life is like a jukebox
experience the dime.
J47- tender first kiss
A24- pink slip blues
G14- someone's in trouble (extended version)

Is your coin slot open?
Do you give correct change?
Do you hog the beer nuts,
and cry when it rains?
M17- due by the 10th
F6- traffic
C8- vacation destination

Play your dimes wisely,
Elvis will leave the building!