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Andrew Christanto


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Come Back to Me


Andrew Christanto

It just too hard not to think about us
Even if I have already known the facts
But I just do not want to know it
Want to be brainwashed somehow
To forget all the things that existed

The visions of your lovely face
Messages of you on my phone
As I awake, I have this feeling
That youíre still mine and there
How silly of me, yea I know

Can there be a chance for you and I?
For the memories weíve been through
For the dreams weíve been dreaming for
For promises that iíve made for myself
Can there be another chance for us?

Before I really make up my mind
Before I walk away from this path
Before I turn my face away from you
Before I kill this feeling completely
Before I lock the door and bury the key

I want you to come back through my door
Come back to me once again, come back for us
Before I kill this feeling, before I lock the door
I want you to know, that Iím still in love with you
Iím still missing you, I just donít want to leave you