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H. Chris


Aiken, SC, US

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The Breaking Month


H. Chris

Change is rising
We are leaving
This was the only flesh I ever knew.

One more month and we will lose
This fight to save our tethers.

The first flies north.
The next walks south.
And two won't run far enough.

But, life will still breathe,
Letters will still send
And snow will fall for one.

I love you all, my bleeding hearts
Make sure the glass stays full.
Light an ill-fitting prayer for us
The first days will be the worst.



H. Chris

Every breath that I have taken has been a lie.
I inhaled to show you that I am stone, that I will never be in pain.
I miss you, I still want your voice and your hair and your skin.
I still catch on fire when you say my name and I would love to burn into nothing and ashes if you would say it once more.
You were so sure that I never cared.
I'll send a tempest to your ignorance, I wish it would drown and wash away.
You took my life a week ago, I will get it back, but I want you to suffer and I need to see you hurting.
So I will play the song again, I will listen to the words, and I will hope that you will one day feel as empty as I do.