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Adrian Ke Chongyang


Singapore, Singapore

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Be Encouraged


Adrian Ke Chongyang

tired are the ones who walk
down the road of dreary life
where time past's fog blocks the way back
and shadows shield the forward way

but sometimes can be seen
what is not there, yet could be
when heart can peer through mists
with eyes closed, and mind seeks

what is seen may not be what
will happen, or even what
could - but still the image
remains from eternity to then

to see the image, believe it true
is to have a kind of faith
so strong it can keep your feet on the path
to give the devotion to walk

this is how people have hope
that strength from nothing but
your own dreams and those
lights life hides under shadows

it may come from nothing seen
but no one can walk without
it - even if it cannot be seen
it can be felt - by heart, by soul

be encouraged by what you can see
and what you cannot see
have faith and be stronger
dream hard and reach higher.



Adrian Ke Chongyang

A bitter thrust, a failed struggle
A painful searing from words in wit
Anger comes and anger goes
And behind leaves ashes of pain

Anger's destroyed a thousand friends
A thousand sins has made
When pain grows greater
frustration too strong

anger will begin-

Burn the darkness with the light
bring a kindred heart's sword against anger-
let the love guide your way past
and your path will shine forever



Adrian Ke Chongyang

I sit at the desk
where pieces of paper
curled corners
have piled
But I can't concentrate
can't think
cannot lift my pen and scribe

Because my mind
is filled with joys
is filled with fool's gold
dreams of a future
not possible to me

And my world seems like a cramped room
Where only the mundane is seen
And even when I lift the darkness
from the corners
there is nothing but blankness under

I fear that I may have to lie here
And go to sleep someday
I fear to close my eyes
I fear to fall and die.



Adrian Ke Chongyang

I wish for a thousand things
a thousand whimsies, a thousand wants

but when the tide of the wishing has past
only the true dreams remain

A dream bring light,
a dream brings strength
A solid ray made of hope and choice
When steps falter
when all strength fails
Borrow wings from dreams.

I wish for happiness
I wish for success
I would wish for another heart to hold and to love

but when I dream
I dream for strength
to walk in the way my Father would want
to struggle against pain and win
to end my days with a word of praise
And to see my Father's face again.



Adrian Ke Chongyang

The road is rough
covered with broken glass
obstacles that block

And some are too high
too black, too fearful
A person alone cannot climb

Than how did so many climb it
I wonder
As I stand on the road
And my feet burn with heat

Another pilgrim
came up to me
asked for help
I hestitated

I thought perhaps
at least he could pass
helped him over

He did not go
called my name
pulled me up
crouching on the top

Where I stood
and looked at the road before us
and the silver doorway at the end
and made a pact
with the pilgrim
to be companions
from now until there
perhaps further.

Grey Sky


Adrian Ke Chongyang

The grass by the path is green
but not as green
as I remember
The path seems warm
burning hot
filling my soles with jabs

The world looks darker
Than I remember
The faces I see
seem twisted in feelings
of invisible hate

The sun beats down
upon the ground
I wonder why
it does so

I cannot see
my eyes are dim
I feel a pain
within my mind
or is it my heart
and my soul
that cry?



Adrian Ke Chongyang

life is a maze, a storm of grey rocks
we need a guide, a shield, a hope

a Father loves us, knows of our needs
and he gave us a way to walk with

he gave us a Word to learn how to walk
he gave us a Spirit to learn how to try

he sent us a Son to show us the word
to save us from sin, to steal away hearts
to plant seeds of faith in wandering souls

he knows we only in him brave our trials
he knows we need him, and because he is love
he holds us and gifts us with that we do need
he brought us his way
he brought us his love.



Adrian Ke Chongyang

Sadness pours forth like a wind
My pen will not shake, but it will fly

The form of pain takes these words
and leaves a empty heart behind

My cry, my plea, I wish to thee
I wonder at my fate-

why hearts of all loves
are closed to me
the key I never will see

Empty life - pain of strife
task of standing up again

after pain.



Adrian Ke Chongyang

A man not a man
had died on a cross
and came back after three dark days

He conquered death's grasp
and had come to help us all
all this
because of love

that was

stronger than the darkness
stronger than the pain
stronger than any dark sin
He destroyed the bonds of sorrow and law
So that we all might be free

Pray you gain the faith that the ones
he led had
Pray you that you might recieve
the teachings and wisdom
About Man's sorrowful needs
And of the Lord's harmony

Fight against Man's dark disbelief
Show them the light that you received
And many shall walk in the Light of the Lord
Light from the hearts who believed

And when the journey ends a home you will have
Where the builder of all waits for you at the end
And the builder of the home and of your own heart
Will gladly recieve souls with a nail-scarred hand



Adrian Ke Chongyang

I walk a place that only some have walked
A place deep in the darkness

I carry a light that not I wrought
A light that was given to me, not bought

I walk with friends, with the Father of all
My strength, my spirit, my life's only Lord

My soul lighted by a torch of love
Where world's light dims, its glow renews

Sadness part of my heart deep inside
But joy is what breaks the heart in me

I walk a way through the grey dark fog
I walk a way lit by love
I walk the path that only some have walked
But many and One walk with me.



Adrian Ke Chongyang

He searches the world
for ones who would come
For those who would follow the path
He has set
He rips away shrouds
of Man's coverings
And looks deep into every heart

He nevers looks for purity
He seeks not the righteous
He has no need for men
with self-reliance and strength
But he seeks
for the people
whose hearts ever ache
He seeks
for the ones
who would love him with faith

He seeks for men
Who would walk the path
He seeks for men
Who would pray for the strength
He looks for the people
Who can cry when they fall
He reaches for all
Who love Him over all

No need to shine your own soul to clearness
No need to have the strength that you have
All he needs for you to do
is trust and obey him
And pray for the strength

and seek Him the way he seeked you.

Water Skater


Adrian Ke Chongyang

He wanders
on a murky greenness
He wonders
at the murky songs
that fill the air
the cricket's chirps
the bulfrog's burps

He is beautiful
as he slides over the surface
his legs dancing
his movements jerky
reflexive grace

I wonder what he would think
If he could see the world
he was in
from a person's view of him
for a single moment

to see the infinite sky above
and know what was below his grounds
he would know life
if he could.