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Stolen Moments



I wonder how you invade my thoughts with words I long to hear.
The touch of your finger tips. Why am I fighting with this thing. why does it matter A subtle look in the other way, has generated a desire for you that I dare not say...

How I have torched the flames of the way we were and having to hum...Will you please stay, I need one more stolen moment to get me thought the day. I wish that these stolen moments have not gone to waste.Oh you may not remember, how I felt the very next day.The smell of your cologne and my perfume.The sweetness of the passion we share became the one complete pair...for those stolen moments have come and gone...but just one more night to remember if you dare...So I though that if I would stare into our magic moment.
Hoping and lusting for one one more stolen moment in there. For
you touch the hard to reach places of my inner chambers above
and below the head.

So I wait for the first full moon, so that I can take more of what
I can assume....Was this the time of my life...was it worth the
things that we one moment....if you can spare...
that I can taste yet another.....and another....yet another of those
moments in time...stealing away to that very place...where most of
my soul can escape......

So at this party,we both came to celebrate,with both of our mates..
As I sat down next to you waiting for a signal that only we
knew, you kept your hands fold...because you knew that
everyone was watching your every move...So I had to get
up and walk away,for my desires were getting the best of
me. I of cause had to put them away because I knew for
a moment that you could not be with me anyway. Oh no!
you took the hint...that it was the moment that we had to
take....I touched the forbidden fruit...I tasted it's nectar and
for that moment I was in heaven...I inhaled...
our eyes began to dance and the fire was started....With
my head I thought we should stop...but my body continue to
sway...for that moment in time....for that day.....the yearning
of my desire was finally met...for that moment did not belong
to us but to this uncontrolled human passion. We tried to keep the
fires out of this moment...just searching for seconds in not being lonely again
for our mates would never understand..these stolen moments were need with even them...Stroking my inner walls..I felt your release..and you covered my mouth so that I could not cry out for more..quickly wiping away that sinful door..we began to come back to those moments before..just thinking to ourselves.We will keep stealing these moments again and once more.