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Anyahara Nnamdi Chinkere


University Of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

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Lay Down Your Arms


Anyahara Nnamdi Chinkere

We can hear the rumbling footsteps of the rain
in our cloudy roof where most we feel the pain
So loud the thunder roared its warning signal
of rainbow to draw in the sky the battle-line.
No one knows which side the rain will fall most
not even the gladiators can stand the flood
Now the ghoulish wind has swirled with fitting grave
in the centre to swallow up the voracious raven

So lay down your arms
and wave your arms to crimes
let's give peace a chance
and shift our selfish stance
give up this futile fight
and let's have a blissful night
for we're tired of life destruction
occasioned by a tirade of desperation

bunkering and bombing
corruption and kidnapping
have been the dancing steps
ever learnt in our compounds.

With crumbs you feed the youngsters
who have grown into full-blown monsters
will you now sleep with your two eyes closed
when fire is burning on the roof?
Tell the drumming thunder to hush
and the dancing wind to stop.
For all day long, the crazy gun
's been burning as the scourging sun.
our land is plagued with brazen war
as our house is about to fall.

can't you look at your right side?
where those golden dreams since hide
after the exit of our unsung heroes
whose faces gored by the evasive foes
and also to your left side?
where innocent children reside
mourning over the stormy flood
that swept away their shelter with bloody mud!
Won't you lay down your arms
and stretch out your hands
across the rivers and over the hills
for an embrace of peace?
Won't you come back to your mind
and erase this death mark with a cosy wind?
I say lay down your arms!