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Anyahara Nnamdi Chinkere


University Of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

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Suicide Feast


Anyahara Nnamdi Chinkere

From a broken pipe
The elfin manner spills
Down the throat of the soil
Now the earth is drunk
Intoxicated with this black gin;
That invites greedy hands for a scooping spree,
Arouses sinister wind from a pit of hell,
And also warns those fretful feet to flee
From the violent fury of the imminent flood.

What a bloody harvest of greed
To celebrate this suicidal bliss!

Just an ignition from a flint
The whole island was provoked
Into a Sodom and Gomorrah _
Bursting open the floodgate of hell,
Lashing out reddened feverish tongues
That choked up those poor souls
With a sooty breath _
Reducing them to unidentifiable cinders!

The Best Fashion


Anyahara Nnamdi Chinkere

Shall I not take you to the cleaners!
Seeing you preen yourself in front of a mirror
In admiration of this laughable masquerade
On your face that betrays your fashion error
Look! These crinkles the facial scrub can’t remove
Neither with cleansing lotions will your face improve
Stop hiding those freckles under a heavy make-up
‘cos the heat from heart would soon burn it up

Shall I not take you to the cleaners!
As you bare your teeth in a hypocritical manner
To hide your venom which has been cloned in anger
Your past could be read in your leering eyes
Glowing with vengeance and smouldering strife
Now you’ve disowned the faith and murdered hope
When it seems there is no strength to carry you home
Having mourned over pains with no gains and life unsung
Or worried about huge debts that are overdue
Which have unwittingly brought you misfortune

Shall I not take you to the cleaners!
Seeing you peel off your skin hot gels
And body clears in such a rebellious act of an ingrate
Jackson had wanted the whole beauty in the world
Having wished to attain the height of a demi-god
He embarked on cloning himself into a monstrous bat
That was neither black nor white
A life he lived to regret till his last breath
When his tormented soul was brought down to earth
Look! In your heart is your beauty
When it’s guilty or filthy you look ugly
Leaving on you wrinkles as an indelible imprint
That caricatures your face into a clown’s motley
With those veins that appear on you like banjo strings

Yet a priceless fashion you’ve got in you
A fragrance of happiness that garnish whatever you do
As a new moon chases away darkness to its rest
Let those wrinkles and blemish take a quick flight
Even as the Sun peeps from its oriental nest
Put on a smile and let the whole to its rest
Just like a flowing stream that runs out of a purest lake
Break off the bond of grief into the tide of joy
I say smile and let your face shine bright
Let her be like the crescent moon in a summer night
Like a gracious dew that awake a withered grass