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our teen years



I was there years ago, where you are today
Not knowing what to do, or what to say
Who is right and who is wrong
I've played that same old song
You've hit crossroads, between young and old
That time in your life, not liking to be told
They don't understand, exactly how it feels
You shouldn't have to worry, about any meals

How would we know, just where your at
I'll tell you this, I've been where you've sat
Adults not trusting, to let you out
Wanting to run away, just to scream and shout
Make my own mistakes, one day do it right
Hold my head high, stand my ground and fight
Sick of being the oldest, to tend to the young
I'm old enough now, just to have some fun

Others my age, out drinking and smoking cones
I've only just got access, to our mobile phones
And as for the opposite sex, that's just taboo
That's not allowed, it's just what you didn't do
To dress the way you do now, we wouldn't dare
But times have changed see, so we try to be fair
Nose and tongue rings, hair of red and blue
Give and take we have, now it's up to you

Yes I understand, I was just like you
Wouldn't comprehend, what mum was trying to do
Thought I could handle life, until I got older
Mum forgot to tell me, it's not written in a folder
Step by step instructions, on how to handle life
Wish it was that easy, but still I got into strife
Who am I to tell you teens, what to do with yours
Know soon enough, you'll open your own doors

When it's your turn, come round we'll do coffee or tea
Come round, can't wait, you teens can stick to me
Tell us oldies, these parents of daughters and sons
Tell me how different you are, like we did to our mums

With love from a mother of Teenagers