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Sidra Chaudhry


Jersey City, NJ, US

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Drunk Driving


Sidra Chaudhry

Do you think that this is just your business?
Really, do you think you're on your own?
Understand, when you're a little reckless,
No risk you take can be your risk alone.
Know that when you drive a little tipsy,
Daring death to make it home by three,
Rock-solid on the wheel, a little dizzy,
In control, but super-carefully,
Vested in your care are all the loved ones
Inside the circle of your homeward run,
Nor would you find peace ever if you harmed one,
Going mad to undo what you've done

Fashion Emergency


Sidra Chaudhry

How on earth has this happened?
Oh, how will I fare?
It's the day of the party,
and I have NOTHING to wear!

What shall I do?
I will go to the mall.
But there are so many choices,
Like Rome I will fall.

Now here is a store,
a perfect boutique;
I must ensure this outfit
cannot be critiqued.

It must be creative,
and one of a kind.
This one is perfect,
how on earth did I find.

But the size is too small,
the price is too high!
There just is no way
I can hope to get by.

Now this dress is an option,
several ruffles in blue,
But Hurray! I have found it
almost exactly on cue!

This little red dress with sparkly straps
is just what I need.
It's unique and original
the fashion trends I'll soon lead!

I have arrived at the party
wearing my cute new clothes;
this fun and unique dress
will gain compliments I know.

But wait what is this?
Five other girls with my dress!
This couldn't have happened,
itís simply a mess.



Sidra Chaudhry

Forgive the sun who did not shine
The sky had asked her in to dine

Forgive the stars that heard your wish
The moon prepared their favorite dish

Forgive the rain for its attack
The clouds have tears they could not hold back

Donít hate the birds because they are free
Donít envy all the things they see

Donít block the wind, but hear its cry
Or else that wind may pass you by

Forgive the storm it means no harm
Could not resist to, show its charm

Forgive the earth that never turns
Donít hate the sun, because too much burns

Life intends to cause no pain
The flowers bloom from all the rain

The storm will come and it will pass
The sun that shines, it grows the grass

The wind it cannot help but cry
The stars at night light up the sky

Forgive the world in which we live
Weíll all find peace if we forgive

Frosty Died Last Summer


Sidra Chaudhry

Frosty died last December,
My closest friend for fifteen years.
We were born the same November;
now I can't put down my tears.
It's not fair that dogs should live
Just a short piece of our lives;
they give us the love we give
to parents, children, husbands, wives.
More loyal than a human love,
more passionate and all-consuming:
No spat would Frostís love remove,
so fixed on me, so unassuming.
My grief is real, my pain is strong,
Though not all would be so moved;
But I can't think how I'll go on
Without this creature I loosed

Bubble Bath


Sidra Chaudhry

Once I'm in my bubble bath
I like to stir up more.
Half the suds go in my eyes
and half go on the floor.
The fun is in the bubbles 'cause
they giggle on my skin,
and when I stick them on my face
they dangle from my chin.
And when I splash them hard enough
they pop and disappear,
and then my bath time's over 'cause
I've made the water clear.

Oopís too late


Sidra Chaudhry

I sit here in my chair
wiggling like a worm
I hope my teacher doesn't see me
Jiggle, wiggle, squirm.

I shift to the left
I scoot to the right
I cross my legs over
and I squeeze them awfully tight.

Perhaps I should have gone
to the bathroom when she said
Oh; no I feel a tinkle
now my face is turning red!

The Ocean Blue


Sidra Chaudhry

For miles all I see is blue
Up and down, through and through
The cool salt spray upon my face
Makes me know, this is the place

This is were my lover dear
Travels with me, year by year
This is were my life does roam
It flips and dives amidst the foam

The ocean's like nothing I know
The ocean's where the wind blows
Is dangerous and insane
My only fear is the hurricane

It pounds, it floods, it rips apart
It seems to tear my very heart
It acts just like an angry hive
But I know that I'll survive

And so you see, my home is here
With my ship and lover dear
Were for miles all I see is blue
Up and down, through and through