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Neelanjana Chatterjee


New Delhi, Delhi, India

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The Unfold


Neelanjana Chatterjee

If one day you realized nothing u thought made any ice
If all your insides give up and fail
Just remember to call my name

Iíll carry you over the oceans
Iíll save you from the waves
Donít worry cause Iíll be there
Anytime and Anywhere

Living on the edge
Breathing the air of doubts
The minds filled with questions
Help no graceful shouts

The sun will burn
The clouds will cry
Drain the pain
Sour deep inside

Throw the numbness away for good
It canít trap you
Youíre Free
Free for the woods

Your soul needs the call
Your body needs to crawl
Fall freely,
Iím right behind you,
To hold when you fall

Tear My Pain


Neelanjana Chatterjee

From inner depths of azure eyes
There flow eternal stream of tears
No peaceful lulling lullabies
Will silence desolate fears
An agonizing ripping pain
Has multilated passions heart
The evidence a scarlet stain
Defiles the road where dreams depart
In ragging skies of aftermath
A jaded storm is churning fast
With hopes laid in destructions path
Deaths abyss romance is cast.

An ebony haze of misery
Engulfs this battered weeping soul
A waterfall of empty years
A careless slap restored my fears
In shadows of restraint i weep
But apprehensions knife cuts so deep
Amidst seclutions wrath Iíll hide
The ebony flow of ink will bleed
In pools of inspiration lost
As hands of silence choke the seed
My dreams and aspirations tossed.

The pain I feel has taken me far
There tears I cry have become so dark
But when
The darkest cloud comes my way
I wonít give into fear
For there is always a little hope
Within every tear
When happiness seems impossible
I will hold onto my dreams
For troubles may last through the night
But my lordís joy comes in the day
When these storms are so heavy
And make me feel so low
Iíll keep in my mind that after its over
Comes the beauty of a rainbow.