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No! Massah No! She screamed in despair as they tore her baby away.
She cryed and she pleaded, but they wouldn't listen to nothing that she had to say.
Her ten year old son, so big and strong, he was her pride and joy.
They felt his muscles like an animal,and for ten dollars, sold her boy.
She wouldn't let go, she held on tight, as her son hugged her back.
But they beat her body black, and blue, 'till she finally went slack.
When she came to he was gone, she was all alone. Now she had nothing in her life, and her boy was on his own.
Day after day she went on with her chores, her feet moving like lead.
She had no will to try and go on, and one day they found her, dead.
When slaves were freed her son came lookin', twenty years since he'd been sold.
He finally came to find his mamma, to be taken in her fold.
I'm the one wo had to tell him, tell him she had died.
And that young man, thirty years old, sunk to his knees and cried.
Back then I'd been a field hand, been there through it all.
I'd watched them tear that boy away, and watched his momma fall.
There'd been bad times we all went through, but when it's said and done.
The worst thing I believe I eva did see, was a mother torn from her son.