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Abby Chasez


Durham, NC, US

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To Mourn a Friend


Abby Chasez

Darkness is here,
The memories untwine,
Fall around my feet,
Like the petals of a rose,
That have slowly died.

Though I only knew you,
For are too short a time,
You left a stamp,
upon my life,

Alone in our lives,
You made us see,
What friendship is,
And what a best friend can be,

After these days,
of sorrow and pain,
I have finally realized,
We can survive,
Fears lie around me,
like the walls of my heart,
the tears cascading,
like a welcoming sheath.

Through the days and the weeks,
and what seemed like years,
we shared laughter and triumph,
saddness and fears.

Your life has passed by you,
so many left without,
memories flying round you,
and the visions up ahead.

In loving arms he holds you,
And wipes away our futile tears,
We're better off for having known you,
through all of laughter, smiles, fun,
sadness, confusion and fear.

Painless though we lived,
thinking that through these wires,
love could not abide.

And now that you've passed over,
onto the other side,
we realize whats been lost.