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A Poem For Jesus



I believe in YOU

You are LOVE,Grace,and GOD.
Your Father is GOD.
You are my maker!
You have determined me,
I have my life,
I can lay it down,
and I can take it up again.
I can lose it all for a friend.
Beauty is skin deep.
Love must be within.
I am a jolly fellow.




in this Hollywood environment when everyone is concentrating on the death of Jesus on the bloody wooden thing the CROSS_this season please try to think a different way the same old way of Christians under Nero and the Caesars who repeated that they saw HIM risen
They nailed fishes to the doors of meeting halls and fed the brothers and the sisters everyone
The empty tomb should be the focus of us all the STONE was rolled away after having been so guarded by the soldiers of the fortunes of the war
Eye believe an ANGEL placed his foot against the STONE and set the stone to roll
The Lord Came Forth
This is my happy Easter Sunday
He is raised now from the Dead
He will come back soon to earth from sky of HEAVEN to complete the by and by. To claim the world he made.




Glory Be To GOD
that Jesus is the LORD to the GLORY of the father   (King James Version)
Philippians 2:11   (Read all of Philippians 2)
And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
That every knee shall bow and every tongue confess That Jesus is the LORD to the Glory Of The Father, that we may ZOA at the second coming of Christ. Everyone is welcome and none shall be cast out though thy sins be as scarlet just say Jesus and believe and just say Jesus dare to breathe HIS Holy Name and live. AND then my earthly friend we must learn to live again a different way in love. A wonder full of love at GODS Graces from above, the light and light the silent night the Power of HIS Might is not the flesh we dwell in but the SPIRIT that gives us life. First say JESUS then continue on to live
its a peaceful easy feeling in the MIDDLE of the earth in the middle of THY search for GLORY be to GOD. Then find Jesus the ONLY name of GOD.