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Serge Charlebois


Montreal, QC, CA

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A traveling thought of the Great Unknown


Serge Charlebois

Here I am, yet where is Ďhereí?
Are you there yet, or do you fear,
The Great Unknown and all Creativity
Have you mastered your own Reality?

A thought is the beginning,
It travels fast like lightning.
You make it stop way too fast_
It remembers you and your past_

What I fear I canít control.
At least from what I am told...
And we do it all the time_
As if a thought creates a crime_

Whatever we are, I am proud!
I love to stare when Iím in a crowd.
Wondering who they are, what they want
Whatever future they haunt_

I am your actor, you are mine,
It all takes place within the mind,
Yet as much as I want to have you,
I must first make it real, make it True.

Believing is a small step at first,
Then you make it burst.
What you want is like a flame,
Scratch the match and forget the gain!

There is nothing left to ignore
The world is crashing on the floor
Pieces of ourselves will scatter in space
But isnít this still a marvelous place?

A Life of trouble is an illusion
Not all things must burn in fusion,
Even if we swim in a relative confusion,
We are all together from ocean to ocean_