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Murali Chari


Sunnyvale, CA, US

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It is true my love, you broke my heart


Murali Chari

I toss and turn in the bed trying to sleep.
But sleep evades me just as happiness has deserted me.
I talk to people but think about you.
I ramble aimlessly within my mind.
Nothing seems interesting anymore.
Nowhere can I find peace any longer.
It is true my love, you broke my heart.
But I still can't stop loving you.

The gentle night breeze is scorching.
The sound cuts through my soul, when I hear people laughing,
I remember when we were together, talking for hours
about things which we really didn't care.
When we would be only holding each other and the time would fly past.
When I thought there were more roses in your smile
than the bouquet, I placed in your hands.
When I first hugged you and you were warmer than sunshine
When I first kissed you and you were trembling like a leaf.

I can't live with your memories and can't live without them.
I want to curse you and hope you would suffer as much as me.
But ...
How I can I bode evil to you now, when at one time, you were the
centre of my existence?
How can I hate a woman whom I saw as the mother of my children?
I know this wound would heal, just as all wounds do.
I know I would meet you some time in my life.
If that happens I would only want to smile at you as cozily as I
did, the first time we met.

Because ...
It is true my love, you broke my heart.
But I still can't stop loving you.