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Robin Able Chapman


Myrtle Beach, SC, US

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Angels On High, For Mrs. Atkinson


Robin Able Chapman

Clouds float high, clouds float low.
Clouds bring rain, clouds bring snow.
On sunny days clouds billows appear
Inviting and soothing emotions to cheer.
I imagine what fun I could have
Playing with angels in myriad...
Seeing beautiful doll-like presences
Laughing and humming their wonderful resonances.
With twinkling eyes and illuminated faces
We hold hands playing games in God's places.
This is such a magnificent space,
As we glide every move constituted grace.
And what a wonderful resting station
With soft pillows surrounding His loving creations.
Nurturing, soothing, bequeathing the inheritance,
They're always providing the extra benevolence
To those of us who need time away,
Time to play and time to pray.
Isn't It amazing that instead of a reprimand
Angels show us our bent knees again?
They lovingly show us step by step
Our way to God's outstretched hand for help.
And they continue to stand ably by
To touch us should the need arise.
Whenever I need a quick get away
I look up in the sky that day
Hoping to spot the billows and pillows,
Listening for magical tunes and syllables.
The angels sounds once again beam me up
To sup with them of their loving cup.