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Michael Channell


Baltimore, MD, US

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Michael Channell

Don't skip a beat,when your
walking down the street,
let your fingers snap
while your neighbor claps
a a-rythimical rythm is lives
as people live them
and a cat in heat
on the side of the street
is seranaded by a old tom
on a fence, over a bum
who asks you for change
though he looks deranged
you flip a quarter
ashe asks for water
to wash down the wine
that keeps him in line
and took him off track
after he broke his back
in a factory job
with the other slobs
and you keep on walking
and you keep on talking
to your neighbor whose fading
as you keep jading
and a policeman walks his beat
You walk into a bar,and order a beer
you see a cute girl, and you go near
her eyes look empty
as she shoots her whiskey
and the juke is busting out a...
country tune that
no one played
as she asks you to dance
you get stiff in your pants
as old Patsy Cline
melonchololy whines
you give her a twirl
this little lost girl
then you remember your wife
and your filled with strife
because you want to be free
like a dolphin at sea
and you think of the birds
outside in the oak
and on that warm beer
you begin to choke
So you give her a smile
say after a while
and your back on the street
but you pocket is sifted
because you wallet
she lifted
that cute little girl
in the bar ot the world
and your all outta whack
so of course yo go back
but the girl is gone
So you sit on your lawn
to make up a lie
to tell your wife
who made you pie
while your lying in bed
and feeling queasy
allshe said is
take it easy
the next day your lost
and you think
of the cost,and your back
on the road,with a
doubled upload
and you think it will end
but without any friends
you wonder why
you just cant cry
and you sit down and think
that you just need a drink
bu ol' Jonny law
prods you off the wall
and you think of your wife
and all of your strife
and your on the street
with only your feet
so you stick out your thumb
like a traveling bum
and with a backwards gate
you never look back
cause the world awaits
and wha is the world?
but a lot of lost streets
and most of the people
you never will meet
so you headto the Rockies
like a quick little jockey
whose riding the race of life
to win
without any sin
and the fresh mountain air
which blows off the trees
makes you realize
your finally free
and the wildflower field
you thought wasn't real
smells as fresh as a daisy
and makes you feel lazy
so you drift off in slumber
as your dreams run asunder
while on your stubble strewn cheeks
a smile slowly sneaks
because now you are free
like a dolphin at sea
or a bird in the air,
a thought without care...
Cuz theres no longer streets
and your no longer beat
like a passing flurrie
your worries skatter
cuz it no longer matters
that you once had a wife
cuz now you have life
a brook babbles along
yur own personal song
and at last your alone
and finally at home
you hear aloon
and whistle a tune
without any beat



Michael Channell