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Robert Chandler


Otley, England, UK

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Drinking Tea (1989-2003)


Robert Chandler

Have you seen a dead body before ?
I have, now I don't sleep any more.
A three months nightmare had just begun,
fighting for the life of a loved one.
We arrived on time for a routine check,
then I wanted to break the doctors neck.
Rushed to ICU and told to "wait and see",
Pushed in a room and given some tea.
Standing by helpless we saw him fight,
by drinking tea all day and all night.

We watched all Frankensteinís gadgets in ICU,
that's all that my wife and I could do.
The doctors and nurses said they were very sorry,
and grabbed two more cups from the trolley.
He was so young and unable to speak,
We watched him turn into a freak.

The choice of death was given to us,
We prayed for a number nine red bus.
He can die in peace or risk a serious op,
Dammed if you do and dammed if not.
Given no choice he then lasted a week,
Drinking their tea we could not speak.
I dropped my cup and jumped to my feet,
the death of our innocence was complete.

We missed the final moments of his life.
I was confused and clung to my wife.
I really regret that I wasn't there,
When his life ended in intensive care.
They said it was painless and ever so quick,
Doctors and nurses are liars, I saw vomit.
His facial expression was of peace and joy,
Oh what had they done to our little boy.

At the funeral we could not drink a drop,
We kept very busy and dare not stop.
We sat silently screaming inside,
as people asked me how and why he died.

Years have since passed and I still lie awake,
So many tears have dripped into my lake.
Holding a cup I ask God why not take me instead,
And wishing I was well and truly dead.