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C. E. Chandler


Westminster, VT, US

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Past Memories


C. E. Chandler

The days go by like clouds in the sky,
and you begin to realize how time has passed you by.

As you grow old with someone special to hold,
you think of times past and how it went by so fast.

Memories still depend on family and friends, but most of all
the one that would always say,
I Love You, every day.

Sights And Sounds Of The Night


C. E. Chandler

The first frost of the season is now found all around,
and soon a blanket of snow will cover the ground.
The trees by my house are now void of leaves,
and the mountains can be seen despite the trees.
A Jay is heard scolding the branches tossed by the breeze,
and I listen to the wind, as it blows threw the trees.
Blowing down the barren hills, windy gusts, naked willows, trees adjust to the cold within the nights fluffy pillows.
Wood smoke in the cold air, drifting through the night.
Floating on a starry night, but seen only in the moonlight.
I heard a coyote tonight, and wondered at the mournful call,
if he only knew, he lived in the best place of all.
Through the laughter and sorrow of life you glide,
like a high soaring eagle, with wings spread wide.
Enjoy the Sights and Sounds of the Night,
for all to soon, there will be sunlight.

Gone But Not Forgotten


C. E. Chandler

I thought I felt her arms today, they wrapped around me tight.
I also thought I heard her voice, even though it sounded slight.
She did what only she could do, she touched my heart with love.
Her gentle arms surrounded me, like a warm and tender
Sometimes the memories come and go, it seems it's been so
and then it overwhelms me, when I realize that she's

The Waterfall


C. E. Chandler

Even as the deer and fox rests,
and birds lie sleeping in their nests,
down upon the rocks it crashes,
falling through with silver splashes.

Clear as glass to bubbling foam,
it's never still, but bound to roam.
As the orchestra of the stream sounds call,
you can relax and listen to the singing waterfall.



C. E. Chandler

There is a moment in time when light and moisture
are in perfect harmony, and the world becomes
a fairyland of Mushrooms. As if by magic they
push their way up, everywhere , no stone, no log
can stop them. What great and creative imagination
have gone into the molding of these funny little things.

As many shapes and sizes as there are stars in the sky,
and as many shades and hues. Tiny dots on stems so
delicate you can hardly see them, and some big enough
to sit on. Some are beautiful and graceful, others are
short and pudgy their caps sitting at odd angles.

You'll see some of the most beautiful hues in nature,
delicate pinks, many shades of brown, and some are
pure white. They grow on old stumps, among dead leaves
and fallen trees. The magic of nature, that these things
which have lived, may return to the earth,
to live again, and bring us pleasure.

Life Will Continue


C. E. Chandler

A memory is all that I contain.
That; that I've accomplised will stay the same.
The fluffy clouds from which you look down on me,
make me ask the question, do you like what you see?

I didn't get a chance to know you before you were gone.
I felt the loss, but life must go on.
Maybe one day we will again meet,
on that day I'll once again be complete.

So, when you look down on what's new,
remember, that the cycle of life will continue.

Why Am I Doing This To Me?


C. E. Chandler

I can't tell her how I feel,
when I look into her eyes.
Why can't my dreams be real,
what's between us that lies?

I see her face in my mind,
and it is her voice I hear.
Together we are two of a kind,
and we are without fear.

No matter how much I feel,
no matter how much I see.
I'm sure this can never be real,
so, Why Am I Doing This To Me?



C. E. Chandler

When I open the door,
what wonders await me.
Will I find treasures galore,
or will there be nothing to see.

Will I feel laughter and happiness,
or find pain and failure?
I'll just have to guess,
or maybe, I'll open the door.

I plunge into the dark of night,
and find no place for me to sleep.
I hear the night scream with fright,
and instead of happiness, I only weep.

Soon daylight will be on it's way,
and all the clouds will have departed.
It's time now to stop and play,
as the winter will soon be started.

Your life will take you to many doors.
Sometimes you will find failure and pain,
and sometimes you'll find happiness galore.
How you use your choices will determine your Fame.

What Happened To Yesterday?


C. E. Chandler

I remember my childhood as mostly play and being lazy,
with friends playing jacks, hide and seek, and tag,
with my purpose in life as being quite hazy.
Dressing up your dog in some old rag,
and constantly driving your folks crazy.

During school, recess was much the same.
In class you had respect for your teacher.
If you didn't pass a test, you were to blame.
The teacher was thought of, as like a preacher,
morally correct, smart, and always called you be name.

What happened to childhood, as it was meant to be?
Dashing after the ice-cream man and something cold,
or trying to build a house in some big old tree,
or simply sitting around with your dog to hold,
but never fearing anything like a shooting spree!

The Future


C. E. Chandler

When the days of the future, have entered the past,
and the days that were dawning have ended at last.

The days that are over will never be here,
and the end of our days seem forever quite near.

So, the time that we have must be used with care,
or the time that we had, shall be lost in despair.

The Millenium


C. E. Chandler

In my minds eye, I watch my life unfold.
There are victories and defeats still untold.

As I approach the stage called, late-in-life,
my heart is burdened with both joy and strife.

I think about the future and wonder what it will bring,
and wonder if I can accomplish just one more special thing.

It's a well known fact that life's not always fair,
both good times and bad, we all have our share.

Our lives on this earth will soon pass.
It's what we do while we're here that will last.

There are things yet to be found, in a time yet to be,
in and beyond, the twenty-first century.

The Newly Fallen Snow


C. E. Chandler

Above a quiet grey sky,
a few white flakes float in the cool air.
Soon a multitude of
magical snowflakes will be falling everywhere.

The winds will carry them into long beautiful drifts,
and all things will be covered until springs facelift.

As dawn appears the sun reveals a wonderland avalanche,
casting long mysterious shadows of each tree branch.

The shapely drifts across the whiteness, and blue sky above,
green of pine, and tree trunks snow covered in the grove.

At night the moon will be reflected by tiny flakes aglow.
We see beauty allaround as we gaze at the newly fallen snow.

Talk To A Friend


C. E. Chandler

When you're tired and worn at the close of day,
and things just don't seem to be going your way.

When your patience has come to an end,
try taking time out, and talk to a friend.

Perhaps he to may have walked the same road,
with a much troubled heart and burdensome load.

You'll find peace and comfort somewhere near the end,
when you stop long enough to talk to a friend.

For then are most welcome those words of cheer,
for someone who willingly lends you an ear.

No troubles exist that time cannot mend,
but to get quick relief, just talk to a friend.

The Greatest Job


C. E. Chandler

As it gets late, my mind drifts away,
to a time not so long ago.
You were small and had just started to play,
somewhat like a frisky pup I know.

You'll always be a part of me,
yet alone you stedfastly stand.
I pray that God will always oversee,
and keep you saftly in his hand.

I realize the dream I knew,
has already come true.

It's The Greatest Job I've ever had,
being called by you, Dad.



C. E. Chandler

Here she walked and romped about,
right here beneath this maple tree,
where all the grass is trampled out,
and the swing she loved so, used to be.

It was here we used to meet,
how beautiful a sport is this,
to which she happily raced to greet,
her Daddy, with his evening kiss.

You see here nothing grand or fine,
but oh, what Memories are mine.



C. E. Chandler

Why is the sky blue and the trees green,
the sun yellow, and the eclipse seldom seen?

Why are some people good and some bad,
and some people happy, and some sad?

Why do some steal and some give,
and some people die, and some live?

Why are some friendly and some shy?
Please Grampy, please tell me why?

The Party


C. E. Chandler

Bumble Bee and Honey Bee, invited me to tea.
I thought about it for a while, and then decided to agree.

My arrival at the Bee house was greeted with a cheer,
and instead of tea and honey, they offered me a beer.

The moral of this story, if indeed there's one at all.
If your invited to the Bee house, your sure to have a ball.

A Prayer For Thanksgiving


C. E. Chandler

It may be that I'm old fashioned, but it seems today
were to involved in having fun to take time to pray.

Be thankful for treasures that are ours to keep,
the fruit of honest labor and the joy of happy sleep.

Here at this table we now pray,
keep us together along the way.

Let your love and your grace,
shine down upon this feasting place.

Song Of The Wolf


C. E. Chandler

The Song Of The Wolf rings through the night,
a song to the moon's bright shinning light.

Wolf, what are the words you sing?
Can you teach this unworthy being?

Your majestic song fills the air,
is it loneliness or love you declare?

Wolf, sing your song for me,
remind me what is is to be free.

To know the words, and share your joy.
Wolf, please help this man enjoy.

There Was A Time


C. E. Chandler

There was a time when I could stay out all night.
I would keep going all next day and still be bright.

There was a time when I could eat anything and everything.
I could eat all day and never notice what was happening.

There was a time when I could buy clothes off the rack.
I would look and feel like everyone else, and that's a fact.

There was a time when I loved and was loved in return.
I would share my time and effort, and never be spurned.

But now this time is past, I no longer stay up very late,
I take my food slow, and my love life, I leave to fate.

To Sing Again


C. E. Chandler

We are two of a kind,
and we love the same thing.
After dark you'll find,
how much we love to sing.

The crowds are seated, quietly,
and the house lights are lowered.
The orchestra begins to play sprightly,
as the curtain travels upward.

So, there we are, hand in hand, together
in the the spotlight, and we start to sing.
We move up stage and down, as planned, and
we finish with a kiss, then head for the wing.

It's over for tonight, just the curtain call remains.
A standing ovation, it's never been so grand. Makeup removed, costumes put away, now off to the trains.
Tomorrow in the spotlight, we'll sing again, hand in hand.

Santa Claus


C. E. Chandler

Well, it was a Merry Christmas,
of that fact there is no doubt;
The little house proclaims it,
for the toys are strewn all about.

From the break of day till bedtime,
there was laughter in this place;
But I fancied that I noticed,
something curious in her face.

In the midst of all the excitement,
there would come a wistful pause;
And I somehow have the notion,
that's the last of Santa Claus.

Though Christmas day was merry, I began to realize,
that our lovely little baby is becoming very wise;
And I can't help feeling saddened and regretful, because,
I think our house last Christmas saw the end of Santa Claus.

Christmas Is ...


C. E. Chandler

Perhaps the joy of Christmas is,
not what's under the tree,
but sharing love and laughter
with our many friends and family.

Perhaps the joy of Christmas is,
not the length of time we stay,
but the quality of time we share
on this, and every day.

Perhaps the joy of Christmas is,
when all is said and done,
is not the twinkling lights and glitter
but the coming of His Son.

One More Christmas


C. E. Chandler

Sixty-six Christmases have come and gone,
sinse that moment in time when I came along.

As I look back now, taking it year by year,
I find there are many memories still quite dear.

But one wish in me has remained persistent,
as the years fly by, it's gotten quite insistent.

Before my time on this earth is through,
I'd like to spend one more Christmas with you.

One Of Natures Mounuments


C. E. Chandler

I stood high on a cliff top, above an angry ocean's roar,
and watched the churning water, as waves smashed the shore.

The sky was black, the water raging, on mountain high.
I felt the land tremble, and felt part of the land and sky.

The cliff became a ship at sea, and the Captain at the stern
with me in the crows nest,watching nature toss and turn.

I was wet from spraying water, and the wind messed my hair.
Things returned to normal, and I thanked God I'd been there.

You and Me


C. E. Chandler

You stand ... I stare, all eyes are watching.
I brush against your breast, my hand falls slowly;
I touch your cheek with one soft kiss, my mind races.
In the distance, the fool plays, afraid of none,
how many faces you hold.
But, you are the only one.
My senses escape me;
I look away to close my eyes, and grin.

Thank You For Being My Friend


C. E. Chandler

I have a list of folks I know all written in a book,
and now and then I stop and take a look.

That is when I realize that these names are a part,
not of the book they're written in but taken from the heart.

Each name stands for someone who crossed my path sometime, in that meeting they have become the reason and the rhyme.

Although it sounds fantastic for me to make this claim,
I really am composed of each remembered name.

Although you're not aware of any special link,
knowing you has shaped my life more than you could think.

So please don't think my greeting as just a mere routine,
your name was not forgotten in between.

For when I send a greeting that is addressed to you,
it is because you're on the list of folks I'm indebted to.

Whether I have known you for many days or few,
in some ways you had a part in shaping things I do.

I am but a total of the many folks I've met,
you are a friend I could never forget.

Thank you for being my friend!

With You


C. E. Chandler

A wind is blowing over my soul,
I hear it cry the whole night thru.

Is there no peace for me on earth,
......except with you?

Alas, the wind has made me wise,
as over my naked soul it blows.

There is no peace for me on earth,
......except with you!

The House In The Wood


C. E. Chandler

At the break of day sunlight fills my home,
and helps me to start off the day alone.

My thoughts and dreams posses me,
in the house where smiles are free.

For love and joy are waiting there,
where all around is bright and fair.

These four walls and the friendly door,
mark the goal that I've struggled for.

The house is very quiet day and night,
a special place to sit, read and write.

Should to this house come wealth or fame,
life itself would still remain the same.



C. E. Chandler

Above, a gray sky a few white flakes float in the cool air,
soon a multitude of snowflakes will be falling everywhere.

The winds will carry them into long beautiful drifts,
and all things will be covered until springs facelift.

As dawn appears the sun reveals a wonderland avalanche,
casting mysterious shadows of each tree branch.

With shapely drifts in the whiteness, the blue sky above,
green pines grey-black tree trunks in a snow covered grove.

Tonight the moon will be reflected by tiny flakes aglow,
beauty and stillness is everywhere as we gaze at the Snow.



C. E. Chandler

I sometimes forget, but yes, I'm older,
and there's an old love still in my heart.
I remember well, now that I'm older,
what you told me the day we had to part.

You promised that you would come back to me,
many years have passed, and I'm still waiting, patiently.

You promised you would write, but so far not a line,
still I wait and make believe someday you'll be mine.

I keep on praying for your safe return....Someday,
hopeing it will be the same as when you went away.



C. E. Chandler

Oh! I wish that night would never end,
that night to dawn would never wend.

That my love need never join the moon,
and give way to dawn that comes to soon.

Dark laughing eyes whose bright light,
lives within my heart, sends me delight.

Remembrance of you I have,
and the soft sweet eyes
that shine with, Lovelight.



C. E. Chandler

When I die, please lean over me and say,
In silence, all that I wish you would say.

Say goodnight as you said it before through our year,
with your look, your whisper, but this time with a tear.

In my silence you will know what you always knew,
. . . . . that I have never loved, as I love you.



C. E. Chandler

When we were together, such happiness we shared.
You were my love, and I always knew that you cared.

Those long wonderful walks,
and those heart felt talks.

The tears, hugs, and kisses,
are now, long gone wishes.

We will always share what we had together,
you will be in my heart . . . . Forever!

A New Friend


C. E. Chandler

When you get to know a fellow,
know his joys and his cares.
When you've come to know,
the burdens that he bares.

When you see the fight he's making,
and the troubles in his way.
Then you find that he is nothing,
like you thought him yesterday.

You find his faults are minor,
and there's not so much to blame,
in the friend that you deplored,
when you only new his name.

When you get to know a fell'er,
and you understand his ways,
then his faults won't really matter,
for you'll find a lot to praise.

Feed The Birds


C. E. Chandler

As a human, I wonder how it is to fly,
standing here looking up at the sky.

The beauty of the birds soaring high in flight,
adding wonder to another dawn's early light.

They fly so beautifully through the air,
as if they have no worries, or no cares.

But they do have worries and cares, in January,
the air is cold, and still as a cemetery.

The snow is deep, covering their food supply,
and the birds must search for food constantly.

We can help, you and I, keep your birdfeeder filled,
and help keep our feathered friends well fed.

Ice Storm


C. E. Chandler

In dawn's freezing air,
I slid down the back stair,
through the ice into the wind,
that stings the cheek and chin.

Damning the elements, I feel lost,
my breath stands still covered by frost,
with head down, to duck the freezing sleet,
and regretting I had left my bedsheet.

As the storm's bite begins to numb,
the sun arrivies, and the cold is overcome.
I don't look forward to the day tomorrow,
with the cold puddles of icy slush and snow.

Today, Tomorrow , And Yesterday


C. E. Chandler

In my mind's eye, my past will unfold,
silent victories and defeats remain untold.

My heart bears the burden of joy and strife,
as I apprach the stage called, late-in-life.

A son and daughter whom I anticipate the unexpected,
and loyal grandchildren whose duties are never neglected.

The last of youth I struggle to maintain,
but dwindling energy now seems to reign.

I look to the future and wonder what it might bring,
and will I yet accomplish one more special thing.

I end with this simple prayer,
neither unique nor rare.

May I welcome each day with renewed strength,
and determination.
May I always offer to family and friends,
joy and anticipation.

I Remember Mom


C. E. Chandler

Fragile, like the finest lace,
or first darting webs of ice,
her skin told a great deal of her age.

Yet coolly her lips and face,
and also her shinning eyes,
could speak out in righteous rage.

Her passion was coutesy, truth,
and fairness to every faith,
she frowned at an alger like story.

She wanted new schooling with youth,
although aged, she was but a wraith,
yet, somehow with full mortal glory.

At last her body succumbed . . .
her eyes at the end were ablaze,
I wondered, protesting her going?

Oh, doubtful, she made no complaint.
. . . After all, to me she was a saint.

For: Agnes Bell Chandler (MOM) 4-9-99 ~ 5-25-88

A Friend


C. E. Chandler

The day begins with a call from a friend,
and the joy of caring doesn't end.

We live for the moment when people are there,
and happy to know that we share and we care.

Tomorrow I hope a friend will start my day,
with a moment, in a very special way.

Christ Has Risen


C. E. Chandler

They left him for dead in a tomb,
in the dark, damp gloom.
They rolled a huge stone against the door,
and thought that he was dead forever more.

Mary Magdalene discovered, to her dismay,
that the stone had been rolled away.
Weeping sadly, that first Easter Day,
Mary cried, "They have taken him away".

Then she heard a voice from behind,
"Who is it that you seek to find".
So it was that Mary Magdalene,
spread the word, the risen Christ had been seen.

A Walk With God


C. E. Chandler

If I could walk with God, to hold his hand in mine,
and feel the gentle touch, he gives to all mankind.

No matter where I go, or what road I trod,
I'd always feel the glow, If I could walk with God.

Gods Hugs


C. E. Chandler

Devastating things occur,
as life gives out her pain.
Only God can be your shield,
when darkness follows rain.

Most important is the caring,
a heart that's made for sharing.

A mind that's open, and Hugs that enthrall,
Hugs that come from God, and live within us all.

The Mystery Remains" (the answer unknown


C. E. Chandler

Sometimes I am overwhelmed,
the immensity obscures the obvious,
light penetrates but does not reveal.

Sometimes the landscape exposes what's not there,
a light shines from above and lets me see,
the darkness fades away and the obscure becomes clear.

Sometimes intent is not clear,
what I perceive as obvious will disappear,
the Mystery Remains, the answer unknown.

A Lullaby For Conrad


C. E. Chandler

Conrads sailboat is ready,It's silken sails are spread,a breeze is gently blowing toward the mystery port of bed.

A mysterious captain waits while the buzy sandman flies
with the silver dust of slumber,closing every babies eyes.

The night is bright with moonlight,the sea is calm with peace.
The angels fly to guard you, their watch will never cease.

You'll find fairies waiting with beautiful dreams to fill in
as theangels sing and you dream of your boat out for a spin.

Only little ones may journey on so wonderful a ship,
drifting off to dreamland with no care to mar the trip.

At last when dawn is breaking, and your sailing trip is o'er
you'll wake to find, mom and dad smiling over you once more.

Jesus is the Reason


C. E. Chandler

Christmas is here again,a log is on the fire.
in the oven roasts a turkey hen,
and bells are ringing in Church Spires.
Lights are gleaming everywhere,
Red, white, blue and green
and trees shine with Angels Hair.
Oh, my! Its a sight to be seen,
but the baby Jesus is the reason
for all this wondrous sight.
The Son of God is the reason for the season,
So! follow then, his blessed light.