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Jeff Champange


Mashfield, MA, US

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Jeff Champange

I hate me. No not really though itís just I canít stand who I am
Fuck is my favorite word
Selflessness. Just stranded.
Iím so bored but Iíd like to welcome you to my world.
maybe itís because Iím kinda left of center.
fuck the world
fuck myself
fuck everything
death is not what I want but itís the only thing I have left.
It's the only great adventure now.
And I have lied a million times
Iím wasting too much time
a tear of fear I cry and sigh
I want to help myself but I cannot help myself
nobody cares anymore.
You say think for others, but when youíre in a mood like this you can only think for yourself.
Look out for number one but Iím at 103.
I'm Just Not Worth My Time
Wish I could lie and say I'm fine but honestly I'm not Too many thoughts.
I bought myself another life I'll fuck it up worse than this, but is it possible for things to be that bad?
I open up my heart to you, maybe you'll mend it.
I'm sorry everything hurts.
I think I'll be all right, I can't explain why.
I'm not afraid to die but just to cry in front of you.
But I'd like to let you in.
I'm scared to be alone, and of leaving home.
I'm Just Not Worth My Time
I don't know why I feel this way, it used to happen all the time.
It's so sporadic now but worse each time.
I donít want to leave I donít know where to go.
I'd hoped this was the good place but itís never the good place
I saw the truth I got my proof
the outside is a lie
I had to look in and itís all right
I know
I have cried most of my life and Iím done with it now
a cry prior to another lie
I guess i'm sad alone and sad feeling sorry for myself
I wrote so many songs for you
and things will never go my way
the timings bad still not over it
and wishing it was mine but itís not in the plan
I wish I was dying so I could know what it is to suffer
itís not easy being me
but I donít know what itís like being you and Iím never gunna try
I hate my eyes ill spite my face
just to get away alone today
I waste today away I say something you donít like
I want to cry but I cannot cry
i've been desensitized
Iím half awake and all they do is take
away from me and now Iím all I have left
I ripped my heart out to spite the cavity I left
now lonely as I am cause I cannot find it
I tore out my mind cause Iím losing control of it
with nothing left for me whatís left to do
each day's a waste I hate the waste of time my life has become
do you know how it feels when everything hurts?
ill tell you it isnít good
I think I do a good job of hiding how I really feel
if you saw you'd probably be as scared as I am now
I want to leave now why the fuck am I still here
I already made up my mind each lies a time I wish I cried
I still get treated like shit
Iíve gone through more than most
I wish I was crying but Iíve become too scared to open my eyes
maybe thatís just the cause of all my problems
things wont ever change just the way I deal with everything
just wait here until I get back
Iím bored Iím way too far gone
sometimes I wish a bomb would drop right on this fucking place
maybe you wish I was dead and then we could be happy again
just once can I make it out?
how I want to
Iíve done nothing Iíve been doing nothing at all
I can't believe that it's on
it's not something you hear everyday. That same old song have to hear the entirety
Iím dropping the world at my own feet
I break my knees backwards I can work through the pain
and tell you all about my dreams that will never be realized I feel like dying
I feel like I'm falling apart
I sit and stare at the floor I cant pick my head up anymore
sometimes I wish that the things that Iím feeling would just sop manifesting
me? I'm ok I guess Iím just lonely and wishing I would just hurry up and crawl into a ball using my covers to keep out the evil.
I'm just so childish I wish everything would just go black.
Fuck off