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Stephanie Chamberlain


London, England, UK

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Define Brutality


Stephanie Chamberlain

Thereís a dripping sound, not flood - but blood.
Down the stairs of those flats,
Down to the needles etc.
Thereís no surprise here not within these walls.
This is a place where innocence often falls.

Outside though - what there?
A Shock, a brutality
A call for justice, no sense of duality
And all the time there on the top stair
A bunch of flowers has just lost its hair.

The young ties on Fleet Street they jump at the news
Churning out their newly found anti-racist views
This means prestige and a brand new column
But letís not forget the need to feel solemn.

Meanwhile, a bottle breaks on the estate - someone looses face
Hardly reaches local news
And those kids on those streets we donít really give a shit about them

Damilolaís not the only kid rotting in Peckham.

Different Rules for Different Schools


Stephanie Chamberlain

The irony sometimes confounds me
I'll give you an example - if you like
While one man lay kicked in the gut one night
Another one picked up his birth-right

One of them branded a criminal
the other imprisoned as such
But not the one, you thought would have gone
(Now that would have hurt him too much)

It takes breeding to survive in a prison - you know
A confidence that "all will be well"
Something you lack on the downside of town
Because you're already in hell

So the difference? - You ask - between these two lads?
Was it just different rules, different schools?
Or does money now by you the right to trial?
While the Giro buys judgement by fools.