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T. Ashok Chakravarthy


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Triumph Of Love


T. Ashok Chakravarthy

The song that often surcharge onto the lips
The fondness which stir in my heart of hearts;
I strongly aspire, I can sneak out and clinch
A love-lorn embrace at the alter of sacrifice.

In the surging waves of my sweetest dreams
I know, we can withstand only in togetherness
If at all the outcome of fate is different
Sacrifice is the option, we have to salute it.

Yes, with the delights, moment after moment lure me
While age keeps tickling to cloud the surging youth,
Some where I presume, the future will be agonizing
Has the daunting task to overcome, dwells in me ?

I keep guessing yet _. can I mop-up courage
To face the magnitude of this discriminate reality
Tell me my dear, when can we cherish the dreams
To be together through an everlasting love-fortune.

No doubt, the delicate petals of impending destiny
May blossom to welcome our entry into perpetuality
Then even we are fortunate to steer the eventuality
To celebrate our defeat and proclaim "love’s triumph".



T. Ashok Chakravarthy

While peace prevailed everywhere, at first
It was like achieving something at last.
But when the tides turned against PEACE
There remained no place to dwell in peace.

Even the mirage of peace was daubed with blood
Lives, unaccountable have been sliced to bleed
A child at a corner, a cuddled mother at another
All lay dead, devoid of any gender or age factor.

The next dawn too would emerge from red clouds
But todays dusk seems to stay, smeared with blood
A torrential tear-shower wash ashore the corpses
Lest the sunshine of tomorrow reduce them to ashes.

Yes, Oh Lord ! The creator and the destroyer
If something is lost today, it's lost forever
But show us a path to acquire the SOMETHING LOST
Atleast we can boast of gaining SOMETHING AT LAST.