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Breanne Lana Chaffin


Las Vegas, NV, US

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All I Ever Wanted


Breanne Lana Chaffin

My father alway said
I could have what ever it is I wanted
well dad
I figured it out
sit down, shut up,
and take a real deep breath
'cause you gonna need it
your not going to like
a word I have to say
but I don't give a shit anymore
it has to be said
'cause I know I'm not the first
and probably not the last
well dad
I thought about this alot
I've decided
that the one thing in this world
that would mean more to me
than it ever has to you
watch out there's a catch
your the only one that can
your the one that took it from me
Do you remember when I was five?
I hope so, because I sure do
I rather wish I hadn't
For one thing
I sure lost my childhood
and what I'm suppost to call my father
for many years
I blocked it out
I can't block it out any longer
it hurts to much
to know, I was betrayed
by my own flesh 'n blood
how dare you do that to me
I could of been a normal child
with no thanks to you
I grew up not knowing
for years I thought everything was fine
wrong as ususal
it all came back to me
as you knew it would
so you ran
What kind of father are you?
one that rapes his only daughter
does something so unspeakable
and yet goes unpunished
I can't live this lie anymore
I'm not you little girl
I never was
I don't have a father
I just know one very sick man