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Kay Cessna


Tallahassee, FL, US

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No Return


Kay Cessna

Laying down I took a breath
the smell so sweet.
Your eyes filled mine up
and now i just cant see.
How you could love me so
then love her too.
During this time my heart cries
for your return.
I was never informed of this,
your tiny note.
As i read it I try to breath
but just can't.
At the bottom
where you signed for my heart
a tiny box says it all.
In the morning im gone
the funeral next week.
Your note in my hand
they read it and weep.
Those four horrid words
'No Return After Useage'

HillTop Sex


Kay Cessna

This begins in a doorway
swiftly moves inside.
The door slams shut,
neighbors are curious.
They peel each other apart
until they are at one.
The table gives way
the couch is next.
The rhythm fails due to technique
moans and screams come to life.
The parrot is frightened
the cats petrified.
To the people on the couch
nothing is heard.
Not a meow, not a squak
just the beating of their hearts.