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She of the Wise



No desires have I
To punish you
For being you

Whips will guilt take
And mercilessly lash you
Till you understand what
Wrong is
Till feel you
Pain searing truth
Till learn you
Lifeís game
Of slaughtering the innocent
Of praising those who need

Winning is a word of extinction
The blindís word
You will never win
It is a feat that can not be reached
By you
Accept failure
As reality
Rewards are fantastical
Fate has been sealed

Was my only gift that received
A gift worth more than that
Sought Gold Medal
The modest, the honest
Take that as the finest
The butterfly flitting in the h-ll
Of life
May then
Find a way
To escape

I have found my place
In this world
Of trials
It is time for you to
Seek out
True hiding
Your self




By shame was I invisible
By choice, they refused to see

Forlorn, deprived of child syrupís
Sticky saccharine taste
Winds fled my hesitant approach,
Ants were poisoned to heed
Life was following the leader
Attempts for communication
Shattered, snatched from my starving image
No longer were friends a prospect

Recess was the valley of humiliation
Branded outcast, loner, exile
The pea not in the pod
Feathers went aflame as they played
Played follow the leader
Exploding in fits of laughter
Whiles I was wrapped in shade
Pretending not to be looking

Sally developed from dense woods
Of bleak thoughts, fading dreams
Sally, the girl of locks made of
Soft pinkish-marshmallows
Skin drained of blissful ignorance
Nose of inquisition

She did not harmonize with them
The blind, the ignorant
Though I didnít have dolls as bribes
She let me talk to her
Sit nearing her in the canteen

She didnít laugh at my old clothes
She didnít laugh at my
Horrendous pronunciations
She didnít laugh at my
Fantastical wild ideas
She didnít care that I
I had offered nothing but tears
And dreams unraveled by the blind

Imagination was fill for holes
Grand sword-fights, soaring with eagles
The true me, hiding, scared
Was bequeathed courage to arise

Daggers could puncture no longer
Blood refused to pour out
Desires to mingle were restrained
Sole was I no longer

The predator soon found the prey
The wolves slaughtered Sally
They pronounced that I was
Wolves infected vultures
Those ravenous scavengers laughed
I was rewarded blistering
Shame for unearthing the
Foraged missing weld

Each individual gash gnawed
At Sallyís existence
Her invisible protection
Was lacerated, she
Who saw me, the loner
Though I was cursed invisible

It was hard, thereafter
To swim through quicksand, now alone
I hated follow the leader
I hated sports where I
I was unveiled for they felt guilty
For stealing the sun from

My haven was the library
With books, I was released
I was deaf to the succulent
Laughter of lucky ones

Soon a page turned and I was
Sally existed and