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Jurney Scheme Cayvler


Alvarado, TX, US

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I Just Want Someone To Want To Know


Jurney Scheme Cayvler

Do everyday I want to cry?
Everyday I sit and mask
My emotions when others ask
"How are you?"
I can never say what is true.
I am depressed
Always stressed
Over whether or not I will belong.
How can I even stay strong
When others are always excluding me
And judging only by what they see?
They are always rude,
Never wanting to include
Me, always having an excuse.
I look at life and wonder whatís the use.
I try to be the guy they want me to be
But I still wonder under what degree.
Do they have to destroy who I am
And my emotions, damn.
I feel like a nobody, I guess thatís what itís like
To be judged and down talked ever since I was a tike.
I try my hardest not to get into fights
But nowadays people choose the darkness over the lights.
I may put on a smile
But to let you know Iíve been down for a while.
You may say you have an antidote
But I know this depression stuff is all she wrote.
Who would miss me if I was gone
I bet they would wonder what was going on.
All I want is someone to ask me how my day is going
And would help me out, even knowing
What Iím going through.
I want a hint, I want a clue
On how to help my troubled life as a youth.
I do know one thing though, it starts with someone wanting the truth.