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Mario Caves


London, England, UK

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Sweet Torment


Mario Caves

Sweet Torment;
Love says "Leave her be, let her be free."

I won't;
I can't;
I need you with me.


The Late Film


Mario Caves

Watching TV,
Your head on my knee,
I hold you,
As you nod into peaceful slumber.

The music strains as the villan
buries his meanacing axe into the door,
The murderer laughing as the blood flows.

Oblivious to the fiction, you dream on.

You wake, and grasp me tightly;
"Still here?", "Oh good ...".
And then, softly,
you drift once more to your sweet dreams.

The plot reaches it's climax
as yet another hideous crime occurs.
One more becomes oblivious to the world,

As you are - Only you are in perfect peace.

Of what are you dreaming?
I've no idea.
I only know that we are both content,
As in my arms you rest.