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Mandy Catluver


Dartmouth, NS, CA

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Dream; Meet Reality


Mandy Catluver

Dream; meet Reality
You knew you couldnít hide forever
Maybe you didnít even know you were hiding
But you were.

Foolish Dream; to think you could escape Reality
Cloaked in sunsets and smiles,
Laughter and rainbows
Now see the err of your ways.

Come out; fatuous Dream
The sky ever darkens, rain pelts starkly barren lands
Twisted metal structures stretch toward bleak heavens
Thick putrid smoke chokes all hope.

Asinine Dream; where are your rainbows?
Any sign of a smile?
There arenít any sunsets
No laughterís been heard for quite a while.

It has always been waiting
Just biding its time
Donít worry; silly Dream,
Reality will find you.

You may not find it to your liking
This matters not in the face of truth
Creeping out, youíll come; Dream
As all others have, you will.

Imbecile Dream; hide no longer
The clock is chiming, the hourglass run out
Your fateful hour is at hand
Dream; meet hard, cruel Reality.