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Joann Catherine Castor


Stroudsburg, PA, US

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The Lonely Soldier


Joann Catherine Castor

The lonely soldier stands on a hill,
The night is quiet, the air is still.
He draws a deep breath, his mind starts to roam,
To happier times, to thoughts of home.

The bacon is frying, the coffee starts to brew.
The sun soaks the sky, the grass shines with dew.
His wife's at the stove, a smile lights her face.
He lives in this moment, he yearns for this place!

"Sweet Jesus" he prays,"help me get through this night".
"Give me guidance and strength and the courage to fight,
But most of all let me do Thy will".
The lonely soldier stands on a hill.



Joann Catherine Castor

Our fathers came from many lands,
from different walks of life.
They brought with them their hopes and dreams
and sense of wrong and right.

They worked and planned, some fought and died
and in times of trouble, stood side by side.
They passed to us a love for this land
where all can live free to be all that they can.

In us, their children, these values survive.
It is our turn to fight and work and strive.
To protect our freedom that we hold so dear,
To raise our children in a world without fear.

So each night as you lay on your pillow to rest,
Thank God for our country. Thank God we are blessed!

Morning in Spring


Joann Catherine Castor

The morning was filled with a glorious bliss
Like a smile from a child or a true lover's kiss.
The sky was still pink with the coming of dawn
It spread rosy light on the streets and the lawn.

I threw open the windows to let in the air
The smell of cut grass was everywhere!
The buds on the flowers, the birds in the trees
Oh how I live for mornings like these!

Thank You God for this beautiful day
For the sun and the air and nature's sweet way.
I'll treasure each moment and stow it away
To look back and remember on a cold winter's day.

To a Lost Love


Joann Catherine Castor

If I could choose a memory to visit at will
If I could move through time or make it stand still
If I could be anyplace, anytime, anywhere
I would fashion a heaven and have you be there.

The time we shared I will always treasure
To see you again, I would trade any pleasure.
To feel your embrace or the warmth of your smile
I would pay any price, I would face any trial.

Life is so short but we learn this too late
If love comes again I won't hesitate
I'll open my heart to this new love I've found
But your memory within will remain safe and sound.



Joann Catherine Castor

Love can warm you on the coldest day.
It can turn sorrow to joy and chase blues away.
It can soften the heart and bring a tear to the eye.
It can make a poor man rich and an honest man lie.

Love can come to the young and the old.
It can come about slowly or strike fast and bold.
It can be warm and familiar like a lifelong friend.
Or bright and exciting ; a road with no end.

No matter it's shape and regardless of type,
It sweetens the soul like a fruit when it's ripe.
It can last for a moment or endure throughout life.
And without it our world would know nothing but strife.

Lovely Cristina


Joann Catherine Castor

I watch her grow and change each day,
As she views the world in her special way.
Each day an adventure ; always so much to do,
For my lovely Cristina, the world is still new.

Today it's make-up, yesterday it was toys.
Yesterday was "Harry Potter", and today it's real boys.
She's growing up fast, we see with alarm,
If she'd only stay small so we could keep her from harm.

So much of life lies ahead to discover.
So many choices ; this path or the other?
I know she'll choose well, she's bright and she's smart
My lovely Cristina, our little Sweetheart.

To My True Love


Joann Catherine Castor

The path of love is not always clear.
Sometimes you see it in the distance and it seems so near.
But as I grow from within I've begun to discover
It takes work and change ; each growing towards the other.

We've been through it all, my Love and I
The good times, the hard times, with a love that never died.
Together or apart our love has stayed strong.
He's the air that I breathe. He's the words to my song.

His arms always hold me whenever I'm sad.
He's the rock that I cling to when life has me scared.
He's my sunshine in the morning and my starlight at night.
Without his love my life would never be right.

When you find true love you must never let it go.
It's so rare in this world that only few will ever know.
No sacrifice is too great if you want to have it all.
Each blending into the other like me and my Paul.

An Open Letter to a Teen


Joann Catherine Castor

The death of a child leaves all of us shaken.
It feels like a nightmare from which you just can't awaken.
There are no words that can describe
The emptiness and pain inside.

When someone so young leaves this earth
One that is just a few years past birth
The tears that flow could flood the world
When you learn of the death of a boy or girl.

Youth never thinks that it can lose
So they decide to drive after drugs or booze.
How can we reach them and make them see
That the ones who suffer are you and me.

When their life is cut short and they leave us behind
We search for the answers but no peace do we find.
The pain never ends, it eats at your chest
Whenever you lay a young one to rest.