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Zico Castello


Toronto, Ontario, CA

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Ode to Unknown Lovers


Zico Castello

How I long to touch the sky where you dwell
To be in your everlasting gaze
Just to hear you say all is well
To see your enchanting face

All is not lost, I hope thats true
That is enough for me
To be in your vicinity, right next to you
I am in love, don't you see

I can never tell you the words that dwell in me
The pain that I have inside
But hear this and it is true
I shall forever be by your side



Zico Castello

I can see you looking at me
With your sullen sunken eyes
You think me as a fool and pathetic
Just because I sit here all alone

Yes, its true, I have no one
You have your friends and good times
Yet, know this, I rejoice in my isolation
I am not alone. I am happy.

Loner, thats how you label me
Antisocial, look at him, he has no friends
Sipping his beer, looking at no one
Head drooping down, I wonder if he can speak

I know more of this world than most
I have tasted the highs and lows
Experienced emotions that you have only read about
And you shall never hear about them, for I shall never flount