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Gayle Casher


Atlanta, GA, US

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Gayle Casher

Driftlessly wandering through the sky
Taking the road life gives
Always wondering why
We exist and live
Sometimes clouds are big and bright
But sometimes they turn cold and grey
Looking for a fight
When they get scared, they tremble with fear
Sometimes they get lonely and sad
And cry a single lonesome tear
Sometimes they get dangerously mad
And cast down to the Earth
Lightning, an electrical storm
The cycles rebirth
New clouds take form.
Clouds sometimes express their pain
They express their sorrow and grief
With a violet, stinging downpour or rain
A flood of turmoil and disbelief
But other times they get gloomy and grey
But they just rool and drift on
As if to say: I'll be back on another day
If you look out of your window, right around dawn
You can see the perfect cloud
Illuminationg the beautiful sun
Contained in the sky so big and proud
As if to say: my victory's been won
Only to have the cycle begin
At the very start
All over again
Crushing the cloud's heart
They get violent, and in despair
They destruct everything in their path
With vengence and rage with out care
Punishing the Earth with a scornful wrath
But before too long,
The sky turns bright and clear
They realize again where they belong
The sun shines once more with joy and cheer.
Clouds go through so much change
In just one season
Their lives are always rearranged
Providing one more reason
They are the epitome of us.