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Michael Casamassa


Brooklyn, NY, US

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Circle of Hurt


Michael Casamassa

Wasn't strong enough to protect you
We were destined to lose our life
Killed in an act of atrocity
On that cold, dark dreadful night

Why couldn't I stop them?
There must've been something I could've done
Because of me, they murdered us both
So sorry that you'll never see the sun

Maybe if we took a different road
Or just decided to stay home
We could be gazing into each other's eyes
Instead of lying underneath a tombstone

Always told you that I'd be there for you
Promised that no one would ever hurt you
Failed to live up to my words
I'm a liar and disappointment through and through

You were the only one I ever wanted
And now you're gone forever
Perhaps someday I'll forgive myself
So we can spend our eternity together