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Kayleb Caruthers


Bellefontaine, OH, US

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Kayleb Caruthers

Sometimes I lie in the midst of pain
And see my life through a mist of rain
People have come,
People have gone,
Those who mattered didn't stay too long.
I have been loved,
I have been hated,
Through nasty disagreements,
My anger sated.
My eyes are a mirror,
Look into my soul,
Reach into my feelings,
And gently pull.
No one knows what I am all about
I feel so deeply
Yet I scream with life,
I live quite happily,
Yet I experience others strife.
Everything affects me,
I sense the spirit in the air,
I know who is around me,
I know when to beware.
I have been to this earth before,
And will return again,
Maybe next time I will win.