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Aisha Carter


Portsmouth, OH, US

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Sunday Dance


Aisha Carter

You said--
I need to be free

And so

I longed for you
to free me

I could not close my eyes
without your presence
my psyche

Can she be the Goddess of your soul?

your bodily image
front of me

A veridical hallucination
or a simple mind fuck

I so longed--
for a factualized touch

You took my hand
into your hand
sadly; gently
for our last
Sunday dance

My only request--
Roll away the concrete road
and gaseous mixture
that covers the earth
and let us dance

Deep within
black hole core

Around the neighborhood of God

Fleshless pure souls
fluid motion
of our spirit

The stars are grand my love
but you are the Sun
warming my heart
it burns bright red
the beat plays our song

Eight million seconds--
you paid my bond
the lock to my chains
now gone

The Engagement


Aisha Carter

...Breathless beauty shining desire
safe smiles of wanting loves fire...

..groomed frame of blue and white
in well put together happiness we delight...

..pearly gleams set behind rosy buds
longing lust to touch golden skin floods...

..kiss the tame clouds on borrowed hearts
sunshine soars shrouding naked parts...

..Natural fibers of nature our limbs did crush
to the ground and its bossom we rush...