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Jonne Carter


Mobile, AL, US

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Jonne Carter

I was in shock when I heard your

lost before labor

you were faced with unfair circumstances

that bought you pain and anger.

Death comes before a moments thought

swiftly it travels leaving memories behind

with no answers to a broken heart.

The life that dwelled inside your womb

was short lived

and even though the preparation was

given to birth your kids

they were quickly taken from you.

No one can understand the grief that

was felt

if it were a person then would I

kill it

but it remains abstract and your

hurt forever sealed.

I would give anything in exchange

for your babies

and for you to hear thier cries

instead of thier death I would have

asked God for mine.

What more can I say for when a part

of you has died

sorry is a burning word that maddens

a person's mind.

My only wish is that you would allow

to be friends

because I'll always be there with open


no matter the situation I'm there for

you in the storm.