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Marissa Carruthers


Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Tyne And Wear, UK

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My River of solitude


Marissa Carruthers

Standing in the midst of the towering giants:
grey, lifeless and uncaring.
Forever cast in the shadow of the
abysmal gloom of this concrete jungle.

Still, I find my river of solitude.
Its sparkling life and warmth gently lulls my name.
Caressing my soul I am hypnotised by its
natural flowing beauty.

I find my utopia.

Standing there among the millions who pass me by,
I go unnoticed,
remain unchanged
forever in my river of solitude.

One foot first followed by the other
obeying the heavenly voices of another
I immerse myself into the alluring beauty before me.

The angels are calling my name.

I clean my body - cleanse my soul
and sacrifice the remaining pearls
to the Sun herself,
flourishing beneath her loving rays.

In return I am blessed with an eternal truth_

A truth that belongs to nature herself
that she whispers softly in my ears.
I know for sure that there is a
Heaven amongst every Hell.
We just need the strength to find it.