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Alison Carrie


Baltimore, MD, United States

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A Sweet Adieu


Alison Carrie

And much to my dismay
next to you i shall continue to lay
a victim of my own making
i wish i could stop this shaking
for you i have fallen for this day
but i know far from you i should stay
if i do not, i will be doomed to my always live in my past
for having a heart that is so vast
i have opened myself to all the pain
that no matter how many years you will remain
only to continuously bring me to shame
but deep inside you are that flame
that i wish i could put out
but my life would have no meaning without
the feeling of being loved in return
cause in the past i have only felt the burn
it seems a broken heart will never leave
no matter how hard i believe
that one day he will finally come
but you only make me feel numb
for second best i fear i must settle
finally letting it fall, the last petal
so you, who has shared my bed
a choice i do not foresee ahead
my heart i have already given to you
i bid any chance of love a sweet adieu.