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Mary Carpio


Pueblo West, CO, US

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Bless You Mother


Mary Carpio

The blessings that you are
are like countless stars above
My cup is overflowing
with abundance of your love

Gave unconditionally of yourself
in everything you've done
Made this family what it is
expressed love to everyone

Thank God He sent you
as my very special mother
No one can take your place
'cause there can never be another

Hurting Souls


Mary Carpio

There's many hurting souls
in a world with so much pain
Clouds of gloom and doom
come like the falling rain

But Someone truly cares
and waiting there for you
Just call upon His name
that's all you got to do

He'll comfort you in His arms
wipe away every shedding tear
With His sweet presence near you
you no longer have to fear

He'll fill your life with joy
a loving smile upon your face
You'll know He's closeby
you'll feel His warm embrace

Captivated By Your Love


Mary Carpio

Darling, I long for you
every hour of each day
Your beauty shines through
Like the sunshine in May

Holding you close to me
feeling your heart beat
Feel as I'm your prisoner
and you hold me in defeat

Feel safe and secure
when I'm in your arms
I'm totally captivated
by your beauty and your charms

Celebrate the anniversary
of the special day we met
Sweet memories we share together
I know I'll never forget

Is The End Near?


Mary Carpio

What accounts for all the crime
why do many hearts fear
Could it mean the Bible's true
that His coming is very near

Look at all the violence
hearts full of hate
If our love has faded away
then what be our eternal fate

Most blame mother nature
for bad things happening to our land
Jesus told us there'd be birth pangs
read the Word and understand

Is all this pointing to the end
as the prophets have proclaimed
God has warned us from the start
for this He can't be blamed

Gospel will be preached to the world
and every eye shall see His face
Every tongue will confess Him as Lord
then feel is first real warm embrace

We Honor You Mom


Mary Carpio

I honor you with gratitude
for all you've done for me
You're the sunshine of my life
that shines so radiantly

Did your best to be our mother
worked your fingers to the bone
As an eagle tends to its young
you tended to your own

When things got tough at times
hard decisions you did make
Even if you did without
you knew it was no mistake

Now it's time to honor you
with a heart that's full of love
Thank you mom for being there
you're a gift sent from above