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Mary Carpio


Trinidad, CO, US

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Our Eyes Are Windows


Mary Carpio

Our eyes are little windows
God's given us to see
out into a wide world
He made for you and me

They're also the windows
where others see inside
express our true feelings
where our emotions abide

They are the passageway
to this heart of mine
When it is happy
they so brightly shine

When it's in distress
it's there in these eyes
My mouth may say something
but my eyes tell no lies

Life Is Like A Rose


Samuel Carpio

Life is like a lovely rose
with much beauty and much thorns
Life is how we make it
with happiness or scorns

As we journey this life
thorns may prick our heart
But in the very end
much beauty will impart

Petals dry and eventually fall
a new rose will take it's place
It's the miracle of life
coming from God's amazing grace

Strange Happenings


Mary Carpio

Strange things happening
right before my eyes
Walked by the graveyard
heard some eery cries

Shadows flying past me
while walking in the dark
Were weird looking goblins
as I walked past the park

Pumpkins with a smile
had turned into a frown
And strange little creatures
crawling on the ground

The night was very black
the moon was very yellow
And sitting on the bench
was an ugly looking fellow
said, "it's halloween,
isn't it the scariest night
you have ever seen?"

Ghosts And Goblins


Mary Carpio

Ghosts and goblins
are out for the night
Looking very spooky
they're such a fright

Don't let down your guard
when you leave your house
They scurry all around you
as sneaky as a mouse

They hunt you down
wherever you are
Run past your headlights
as you're driving your car

Tonight is the night
they love to go about
Ready to scare you
when you go out

God's Amazing Beauty


Mary Carpio

Meadows full of flowers
beautiful for all to see
Gentle breeze is blowing
softly through each tree

The colors of their leaves
changed from green to gold
The colors look so lively
sparkling bright and bold

God's painting in the fall
is colorful and brightful
Something about autumn
makes living so delightful

The flowers in the meadow
have dried and gone to sleep
To return again in spring
through summer they will keep

The Wishing Well


Mary Carpio

There are many wishing wells
with many coins tossed in
Many a wish has been made
with enormous hope within

Everyday as coins are tossed
in wishing wells everywhere
It's the hope you have inside
grants your wish if it's there

So if you toss a coin today
know hope's the answer key
No matter if it's done alone
or if it's done publicly

I Love You Deeply


Mary Carpio

Where you may be
look to the stars
You'll see it there
wherever you are

I love you deeply
the stars will tell you
When I look to the stars
they see right through

They are my witness
on a lonely night
Cause when you're not with me
they fail to give light



Mary Carpio

Imagine if color wasn't a factor
in the color we see in others
Imagine if we all got along
like loving sisters and brothers

Imagine if we gave our all
helping those who are in need
Imagine if there would be
no hearts full of greed

Imagine if we all did our part
in cleaning up this earth
Imagine if we welcomed
a newborn child at birth

Imagine if we lived in peace
in this evil world we're in
Imagine if here on earth
we'd all do away with sin

Simple Rules


Mary Carpio

Simple rules to follow
as lessons for each day
First thing when you waken
remember you ought to pray

Remember not to speak
words of slander or gossip
Let your conversation
not defile your lips

Remove the anger within
let it not rule your day
Anger you hold inside
come out in words you say

Release every bad thought
that enters your mind
To follow these simple rules
your day will turn out fine

The King In Glory


Mary Carpio

The King in glory
rides in the skies
Healing on His wings
spreads as He flies

Riding on His horse
pure and white
Lights up the darkness
for He is the light

He waits there for you
to call upon Him
Gives you new life
cleanses your heart within

The King of kings
sits upon the throne
Always there by your side
you're never alone

Together Again


Mary Carpio

Followed your footsteps
trying to find my way to you
It was a long and weary road
strength helped me make it through

Found many things along the way
to help to make me strong
Many of the things that I found
I thought I'd bring along

Found courage to face tomorrow
and faith along the way
Picked up love and kindness
and patience for each day

Found longsuffering in a thistle
and plucked it from the brush
Left behind my heavy burdens
knowing they would crush

Finally found my way to you
my burdens seem much lighter
Now we're together again
my days seem so much brighter

Leave The Door Open


Mary Carpio

When God closes one door
He always opens another
He may begin with a sister
finish it with a brother

As the door swings open wide
know He wants you to come in
Has something waiting for you
it's your heart He wants to win

So don't lock the door for Him
leave it unlocked and opened wide
He is the Groom we're waiting for
and He's coming for His bride

Family Tree


Mary Carpio

Family is the best thing
to happen to mankind
Created us from seed
each with our own mind

Gave us one another
our happiness to share
Placed love in the center
with tender loving care

Put us all together
as one big family
Picked with His own hand
our destiny to be

I'm so glad He put us
in the same family tree
You're the greatest gift
He could've given me

Voice Of The Deep


Mary Carpio

There's a quiet stillness
upon the deep blue sea
It rushes to and fro
seems to call out to me

A voice calls from it's depths
like a whirlpool in the deep
roaring with the waves
foaming with the seethe

Opens with powerful jaws
swallowing what lies above
Power surges from beneath
showing no mercy or love

As the storms brew overhead
lightening strikes it's glassy floor
When the storm reaches it's end
the voices calm along it's shore

In The Garden


Mary Carpio

In my precious garden
where I spend my day
Making sure the soil's moist
pulling weeds along the way

Each delicate little shoot
needs tender loving care
Like a growing little child
whose tender heart can tear

Need to spray for pests
to help the plant survive
Like and innocent child
needs love to be kept alive

Water them when it needs it
to help the plants grow
In time I'll be reaping
the plants that I now sow

Hidden Treasures


Mary Carpio

There's hidden treasures in our lives
they're there for us to find
Search the depths of your soul
and secret paths of your mind

See the tunnels of your eyes
the innerpart of your heart
If you search with your soul
hidden treasures will impart

Hidden are the treasures
in every part of your being
They're there amongst you
many which can't be seen

Open your heart and mind
listen to the thoughts inside
Hear them as they guide you
to where those treasures hide

God's Portrait


Mary Carpio

When God created the world
He had a portrait in His mind
Not a tiny little detail
did He leave behind

Placed the deep blue waters
to surround us on every side
Knowing that there'd be
ships crossing waters wide

Carefully put the mountain range
with summits high and wide
For the balded eagle to nest
on the peaks of the Great Divide

Placed lucious green meadows
along the foothills of the Appalachians
So that the beast of the field
could graze on grassy portions

Places rivers and lakes all around
from north to south, east to west
There on the exact places
it would suit the land the best

Light Of The World


Mary Carpio

God sent us His son
on Christmas day
He sent us a King
to show the way

Light of the world
forever to shine
New hope for today
and for all time

To master the earth
from sin and stife
A Savior was born
to give eternal life

Celebrate the birth
of God's only Son
The brightest star
leads to the One

Set My Spirit Free


Mary Carpio

Remove the chains that bind me
set me free to love again
For I don't love you anymore
how can I just pretend

The love I had for you
slowly has gown cold
Thought it'd last forever
until we both grew old

Want to break it to you gently
the best way that I can
I've fallen in love with someone new
O please try to understand

May There Be Peace On Earth


Mary Carpio

The night is silent
all over the world
Peace like a river
is being unfurled

A time of great joy
for a Savior is born
The story is told
of this Christmas morn

May there be peace on earth
goodwill to mankind
Greatest time in history
the only one of a kind

Love Birds


Mary Carpio

Two little love birds
sitting under a tree
One of them is you
sitting there with me

Nestled together
without a single care
Stars shine up above
as we're sitting there

The lake is very still
as a breeze blows lightly
Moon reflects on waters
and shines so brightly

You and I together
that's how it should be
Two little love birds
just you and me

Child Of Bethlehem


Mary Carpio

O precious little Child
born in Bethlehem
We laud You as King
with song in a hymn

We sing a song of praise
for a Savior sent to all
You came into the world
for satan there to fall

Won the hearts of man
defeated the enemy
The day You were born
sweet peace we'd forsee

So on this Christmas day
we celebrate the victory
You're a Savior to the world
You came to set us free

Quiet Whisper


Mary Carpio

I asked God for health
when I knelt to pray
He quietly answered me
"Send not the sick away"

I asked for forgiveness
of the sins I have done
He quietly answered me
"Forgive the other person"

I asked God for wisdom
for things I do not know
He quietly answered me
"Let My Spirit flow"

I asked God for happiness
for my future days
He quietly answered me
"Seek Me and My ways"

I asked God for patience
to show someone today
He quietly answered me
"Bow your head and pray"

A Morning Prayer


Mary Carpio

As I arise in the morning
I feel a deep urge to pray
And ask Gog for His blessing
for a brand new day

He gracefully lifts me
gives me strength to obey
Want to obediently serve Him
and walk in His way

He covers me with His feathers
fills me with sweet peace
The joy that envelops me
rapidly seems to increase

When I'm down on my knees
and bow my head to pray
He draws me into His presence
and gives me hope for the day

As I speak to Him in prayer
I truely know He's there
Heavy burdens are lifted
shows me His loving care

Spending time with my Lord
His peace there I find
My life is renewed
sweet thoughts fill my mind

Victory For Believers!


Mary Carpio

Among the tall cedars of Lebanon
there's a sound of war and song
The rush of feet and clashing swords
Surely this battle is the Lords

His mighty army follows behind
in garments of white they come
Shouting a loud victory song
a time of triumph has surely come

A flaming fire is in His eyes
in His hand there is a sword
The voices of all His angels
singing praises in one accord

A time for triumph and jubilation
to those who wear His name
Riding in the army of the Lord
in their heads there is a flame

Hallelujah to the Prince of Peace
fear Him and exalt Him on high
Rejoice O Israel and Mount Zion
for His coming is drawing nigh

Life's Enchanted Garden


Mary Carpio

In life's enchanted garden
there's many blossoms to see
And in the center of them all
is life's enchanted tree

The blossoms are the friendships
we've encountered through the years
Many helped us through our trials
some help us truimph over fears

The wonders of the center tree
with roots streteched deep within
Is the source that gives it life
and cleanses hearts from all sin

With branches outstretched wide
they reach out to you and me
Comforting our weary souls
from bondage they set us free

So come to your enchanted garden
and there you'll surely find
A breath of life's purest air
and open eyes that are blind

Spiritual Elements


Mary Carpio

O dreadful wind that blows
leaves my spirit in all array
Let the spiritual wind within
blow all debis in my heart today

Those fresh cool drops of rain
fiercely fall in a thunderstorm
May they wash away the filth
that in my heart was borne

And the freezing flakes of snow
fall and block my spiritual sight
Yet it purifies my soul within
makes it shine with gleaming light

May the spiritual elements within
diminish the heaviness and strife
Which rages war within my soul
and lets me live a prosperous life