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Mia Cara


New Paltz, NY, US

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Mia Cara

love others calmly and with grace

But YOU I love with raging heartbeats

and no words

An immense power

this love

I ask not that it be returned

For that cannot be

And I know not of its cause

It just is

Like the rhythm of day

Light becomes dark, dark becomes light

And I find you in all the things of my world

The storm on April nights

The hummingbird outside my windowsill

The whispers of a spring night breeze

It all brings me to you

I feel as if a cloistered monk loving something


in solitude

In this Prison


Mia Cara

In this prison

I can only imagine the texture of your skin

And the heat of your heartbeat

In this prison

My body roams in restlessness

Unable to settle into the holiness of your arms

And the tenderness of your words

In this prison

No one can hear my wails

Or my midnight prayers

I know the difference between imagination and reality

You may not know this

And I have entered the battlefield

Only to immerge at the end

Craving the stillness of winter nights

You have been hiding for so long

Even so, you have always been connected to me

and it is cruel that I can not give you

my youth

Yet, sweetmess is still within me

and is waiting for you

Can we escape the prisons of our egos?

And for this one time

Lose everything to what is real?