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Jac Caplin


Wauwatosa, WI, US

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Thy Kingdom Come


Jac Caplin

When he was young he dreamt of castles and kings
He thought of the gallantry, wizardry and chivalry
Because all around he saw murder and misery
He created his own special land
Omnipotent was the power, wielded by his hand

Amongst the populace he knew wrong from right
He used his will to do good, and force back the night
But on the street there were bullies and beggary
Hassled for change and abused of his dignity
No deference to the boy, no simple humanity

Still in his world, he dreamt of challenge and victory
He felt within his hands, was a power to vanquish misery
Yet, despite his desire, there was pain
His mind was tortured by the passage of time, the perverted parade
And those who marched past, chided "give up this charade!"

All alone, he longed for an end to such misery
He felt in his mind, there was no strength or sanity
And in the corners, his mind, conjured savagery
He had images there, which would not fade
All the failures of life, swarmed like the Furies

In the end, there were flowers and sympathy
With folded hands, was peace and serenity
Bereft of all hope, and surrounded by insanity
He created his own special plan
Impotent in the world, his demise by his hand

Love is a confusing thing


Jac Caplin

What transcends the logic state
What causes the heart to stop and wait
What makes the mighty turn and weep
What causes timid to never speak
What has caused nations to fight in battle
What is the stupefier of those that prattle

Who turns and shuns all he has known
Who places a bet on cards that won't be shown
Who trembles and quakes in misery
Who refuses to see what others clearly see
Who will tear his heart out to ease his pain
Who can be seen dancing in the rain

Love is a confusing thing

Setting Sun


Jac Caplin

He formed a silhouette in the setting sun
A figure, not to be made out in detail
A figure, that at that moment, was timeless
Yet as twilight approached
It was clear that he was like the setting sun
The years settled on his shoulders causing him to stoop
His stance less steady, than in younger days
As he had stood years before, In the face of the rising sun
Shaking his fist in defiance
And then time had passed, years too quick to be restrained
Left like this, with a wrinkled brow and snow white hair
And a story to tell to those that would hear
Cautioning not to waste days in anger, or hate
Because the days pass and too soon it is too late
To recover what was lost



Jac Caplin

I sat at the edge of the forest where
The sun shone on my graying hair,
And warmed my heart and healed my soul
That lulled and soothed my mind
So much so, that I failed to see
Darkening skies had gathered 'round me
And as twilight quickly fell,
the night creatures, who in the darkness dwell
gathered at my feet

Yet I still slumbered unaware
As their voices like harpies shrilled in the air
They taunted me with my failings and my quickly passing years
My follies and my foibles were laid before me in the dusk
Taunting me with failures,
an existence, as insignificant as dust
Enduring as rust,
a legacy to be brushed off and blown away

And in the gloom that that had gathered there
Surrounded by demons that screamed and pulled my hair
I shook with fear and bolted, like an animal in fright
Running blindly into the darkening night
And the demons laughed at me,
for they were confident they had their prey
so certain to have their way
Another shadow of the night, disappearing, out of sight

Yet as I flew, a light did glimmer, and despite the demons there
I felt that life had not failed me, and forward I ran to where
I saw the flicker bright and fair,
How pure the light, this fairy bright,
And slow was I to approach, for it held me quite entranced
Mesmerized by the beauty, of the slow and simple dance
So I sat in now silent surroundings,
Accompanied by only the beating of my heart
Unaware I was party to the war between light and dark

Still I was held safely in the dancing fairy's glow
But in the corner of my sight, I could see my demons,
And they had not left me all alone
But circled, just beyond the light,
maybe waiting for a darker night
not daunted in the least by mere delay,
quietly contented that they would have their day
for they knew that when the time was right
I must venture from the light

The Encounter


Jac Caplin

She looks up with a small smile,
Her eyes as wide as an excited child
No words were between us spoken
The tension too powerful to be broken
A breeze blows her hair across her face
Her blush hidden but not erased
Then she goes her way, I go mine
Heartbeats measure the passing time
The world around me again awakens
The fantasy retreats but is not forsaken



Jac Caplin

She sat on a black stone and stared out at the dark sky
Her face had two black holes, where her deep brown eyes,
Watched as the night began to turn to day,
And the land below still slept away, while lovers lay like spoons,
still nestled in their beds

The horizon was pink, but the stars were still white
It was the quietest time of this summer's night
Before the birds woke from their roosts
And the wind barely blew, and dew formed on the tall grass
She waited for the coming day

A dove lamented, with its mourning song
To rend the hearts, of those apart too long
The sun broke free to paint the world
The morning's colors were soon unfurled
But she had gone away, the black stone remained

The Sky Above


Jac Caplin

Above is a sky of grays and blues
The vastness brings my thoughts to you
For it describes my empty heart
Alone I am, with us now apart
Yet, there is strength in the sky above
Enough to fill my soul with love
For gone you are, to my eyes
Yet, in my mind, I see you fly
Unbound by flesh that you did yield
Free to soar, above tree and field
Still, in my heart, I am bound to you
Your precious spirit, still lives true
So glad am I, that you are free
Though sad, that you are not with me
So I look to the skies of blues and grays
To raise my spirit, and ease my pain

The Bird


Jac Caplin

He looked toward the ground with a blank stare,
at his feet a bird was laying there
Fallen to earth from the sky above,
crumpled it lay amongst the mud

He knew not why the bird had died,
yet the sight of it had made him cry
He questioned, why fate made if fall where
he would stumble upon it unawares

So no farther could he go along this way,
while in the mud this bird did lay
For what had once flown high aloft
Now was strewn lifeless among the rocks

Small was the offering the boy could give,
to protect a creature that once had lived
but innocence, not jaded by a cynical age,
prepared to honor life that has passed away

So up he picked the small lifeless bird,
and moved it to a place more deserved
Nestled in the tall green grass,
A good distance from the dirty path

Simple acts of kindness may,
Have no effect on senseless rage
They will not frustrate hate blind in malice
Or unify those opposing zealots

But kindness will ease soulful pain
An armor to ward off the malevolent bane
A good lesson learned when we are small
That kindness as a gift is cherished most of all



Jac Caplin

They seemed quite friendly and they asked that I call
I entered their door and proceeded down the long hall
A place had been set for me Ďfor I came
Small it was, but a place all the same
A day of work for wages, was what I was told
I didnít see that they had wanted my soul

Do more with less was the mantra they preached
A mountain to climb, a pinnacle yet un-reached
Sweetly sung praises that were strung on a line
Challenges to make us feel more alive
A pallet with which to paint, a story yet untold
I didnít see that they had wanted my soul

People as puppets, a game to be played
The return on investment was the cause of the day
The people shall love us, propagated to stifle the din
Emotional carnage, was to be swept and set to the wind
Nothing to worry about when you are alone
Fear that in the end, what they want is your soul

This too shall pass


Jac Caplin

Whimsically placing my hands to the window
I feel like some damn mime inside a box
Separated from the world by the imaginary
And it is this illusion that has kept me solitary

Why should I hurt, it is what I created
From desperation a world fabricated
Yet now it seems to matter so
A life spent with a dream, which shouldíve faded years ago

And though I am wide-awake it is still there
The reality that surrounds is just cursory
Things that confuse the direction I should go
How can I be keeper of my fate, when letting others guide it so

I struggle for no reason, the world around is just confusion
The days are passing by, and my mind canít figure why
Itís as if I should have some purpose,
but waste my time feeling nothing but worthless

Comic relief for those around, a painted smile upon a clown
Do they think of me at all, or am I like a portrait on the wall
To be looked at from time to time, then not thought about at all
Yet in my mind they are always there, It doesnít mater that they never cared

I am just a hopeless fool, lost in a dream, in which I always lose
Slowly sinking down, the water rising as the darkness does surround
My heart stuck upon my sleeve, so exposed it is battered to the worst degree
Knowing the truth wont make it stop, spiraling slowly but never toppling

I take my hands from the glass, this misery has briefly passed
Turn to walk away, after seeing myself through another day
Walking, eyes cast down, looking but stumbling on the broken ground
Questioning "when will it get easier, " I laugh, life is not for the meek, this too shall pass