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Joe Campbell


College Station, TX, US

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Joe Campbell

When I rise and dry darkness from sky
I am a God.
morning orange becomes warmth
and trees grow again.

Later when I am high
full strength
or blocked by clouds
people act like I'm ugly.

Bankers hide behind reflective glass
Spanards siesta
hipsters cruise in black windowed cars
only laborers work in my light--
hiding behind shades

Tonight when they're drunk and I'm gone
they won't think of me,
when aching heads wake tomorrow
they will have missed another dawn

Protruding points


Joe Campbell

Who are these men inside my head
so smooth and not quite white.
They're docile individually,
collectively an infantry,
the enemy, an intrusive cheek and tongue.
Sometimes I wish all food were mush
not needing to be chewed.
If this were true,
I'm certain that
I'd have my teeth removed.