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Adair Campbell


El Paso, TX, US

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My Boyfriend


Adair Campbell

He's there when I need someone to talk to.
He's there when I need a helping hand.
He's there when I need him most.
Most of all he cares.

He feels sorrow when he knows I'm down.
He feels bad when he makes me sad.
He feels the love inside that is growing so fast.
Most of all he cares.

He loves the fact that I'm his till we part.
He loves holding me in his arms so big, warm, and strong.
He loves the way my eyes dance when I laugh.
Most of all he cares.

He killed himself one day that's when I realized he wasn't happy.
He last said, "I'll love you and let God be with you."
He fought to stay alive, but he didn't make it, the gunshot
wound was too deep.
Most important was he cared, he cared until the last day.

I will never forget the last kiss he game me, it felt like an eternity.
I will never forget how he held me in his arms so big, warm and strong.
I will never forget he made me realize I was a person too.
Most of all I cared.

The last time he held me I felt wanted and cared for.
The last time we danced he held me tight and I felt useful.
The last night we stayed together we stayed up all night and talked.
Most of all I cared.

Finally I realized I couldn't have him anymore.
Finally I saw that he hurt me and his family too.
Finally I heard him whisper, "I love you and let God be with you."
Most of all we cared for one another

I guess what this is trying to say is that we don't know
what we have until it's gone! Gone forever that's what I say!
Especially when that person was lost to committing suicide.